Town of Needham MAIS

Needham, MA

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  • Highrock At Chestnut Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    Commuter reported that the trees are blocking the traffic lights on the poles at this intersection (not overhead) heading to Needham from Dover section of Chestnut and turning right onto Highrock.
  • 193 Hillcrest Rd Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Trim Town trees around water storage tank, driveway & house at 193 Hillcrest Rd. Homeowner Dan Kelly notified DPW.
  • 21 Laurel Drive Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
  • 119 Tower Avenue Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    Remove tree branches hanging over sidewalk at intersection of Tower Ave @ Hoover Rd. Man resident notified DPW
  • 863 Webster St Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Heading East on Harris Ave, as you approach the traffic lights at the Webster St intersection, the traffic lights - both the overhead light and on the light on the pole on the side of the road - are not visible until you are right on the intersection as they are blocked by overgrown tree branches.
  • 13 Parkvale Rd Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Remove tree limb blocking road in front of 13 Parkvale Rd. Homeowner Rosalyn Tractonburg notified DPW.
  • 6 Reservoir Park Needham Heights, MA, 02494, USA - Needham
    tree limbs down
  • Carol Rd Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    The Volante trail that runs behind Carol RD has a hanging limb just after the trail entrance. Walker concerned about safety hazard.
  • 671 Great Plain Ave Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Trim branches on 2 town trees on Greenwood Ave @ 671 Great Plain Ave. Homeowner Virginia Carnahan PH: 617.595.2797 or EM:
  • Eliot School Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    Highway is requesting trees around the entrance to the Eliot school to be trimmed so machines can remove snow easier.
  • 237 Linden St Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
  • 38 Lincoln St Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Look at stressed Town Tree in berm in front of 38-40 Lincoln St. Trim branches too. Homeowner Steve Girassi notified DPW.