Town of Needham

Needham, MA

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  • Potholes已确认
    68 Green St Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Drain is elevated above the surrounding asphalt, so rain water and ice pool around the drain instead of flowing into the drain. These puddles and “ice rinks” take up about half of the road and are dangerous and need to be fixed. Other drains on this road have the same issue, which also should be addressed as this busy road becomes dangerous after rainfalls and in the winter with ice and snow pooling.
  • 43 Fisher St Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Curb is so low near the drains opposite #43 Fisher St that they overflow and run down into the yard below. If the curb for the 23-30 feet going TOWARD THE BOAT RAMP (Charles River Peninsula) could be built up taller (to about 10") it would allow the waters to drain into the underground space.
  • 221 Tudor Rd Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    The corner of Tudor/Highgate/Audrey collects a lot of water after it rains, there is not enough drainage there. It freezes in the winter, and creates a large puddle the rest of the year.
  • Needham MA - Needham
    the catch basin at the intersection was call in and reported as failing.
  • 54-98 Homestead Park Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    Fix clogged drain at intersection of Homestead Park @ Webster St. Suzanne Donahue notified DPW (617) 733-7897
  • 67 Green St Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    2 drains on Green street directly across from one another not draining and causing significant amount water pooling on street. Drains cannot keep up with rain.
  • 237-245 Chestnut St Needham, MA 02492, USA - Needham
    please fix this hole.
  • 15 4th Ave Needham, MA 02494, USA - Needham
    sinkhole forming.
  • 73 Hunnewell St Needham Heights, MA, 02494, USA - Needham
    Tighten loose manhole cover in middle of road at 73 Hunnewell St. - very noisy. Homeowner Michael Pestres notified DPW.
  • 103 Lindbergh Ave Needham, MA, 02494, USA - Needham

    The storm drain closest to 103 Lindberg has several dog waste bags inside the drain. There were 3 bags on top of drain which I removed when I walked by on 4-30-20 at 4:30 pm and I looked inside and pulled 2 other bags out. I am livid that a dog owner would be so uneducated about how to properly discard a waste bag.

    The drain has other detiritus in it so the whole thing needs to be cleaned out.

  • 5 Oakcrest Rd Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Repair sunkin Sewer manhole cover. Safety hazard. Homeowner notified DPW.
  • N Hill Ave Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Cement caving in around Sewer Drain near corners of North Hill Avenue and Howe Road.