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Needham, MA

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  • 116-122 Beaufort Ave Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Water bubbler at Perry Park was not working for all of 2018. Issue was reported herein but bubbler was not fixed. Can this get fixed for 2019?
  • 105 Chapel St Needham MA 02492, United States - Needham
    It's still on
  • Rebecca Perry Park Beaufort Ave, Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Water bubbler at Perry Park has been broken for a few years. A few tickets were submitted for repair and at one point the town plumber was supposed to investigate but nothing has happened. Now that the winter freezes are coming to an end, can we get the town plumber to fix this spring before the parks reopen.
  • 7 Arden St Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    The water fountain at Perry Park has been broken for as long as we've lived in Needham for a few years. While I understand most individuals wont be using public water fountains in the time of Covid, can we get it fixed so that once this (hopefully) passes, the water fountain is working for everyone? Browsing through this site it looks like this has received quite a few requests for being fixed without any action. Why not diagnose the issues now, order parts, and have it ready to be fixed once everything is back open again?
  • 1471 Highland Ave Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Turn off water bubbler at Town Hall, opposite Harvey Hardware, per Sandy Cincotta @ 781.455.7500.
  • 601–699 Hunnewell St Needham Heights MA 02494, United States - Needham
    Bubbler continues to run
  • 2-24 West St Town of Needham, MA, 02494, USA - Needham
    Metal Water bubbler in Thorpe park at the corner of Webster and high street is corroding pretty badly on one edge; might create a hole if not remediate. Just need a wire brush drill and some dark green rustolium paint. Probably a hour job tops
  • 124-154 Beaufort Ave Needham, MA, 02492, USA - Needham
    Perry Park water bubbler is still broken. Early in June there was a response that the town plumber was going to look into this request but it's not clear if any action steps were or are being taken. It is very hot and lots of kids would benefit from this being operational. Is this being fixed?
  • 34 Spring Road Needham, MA - Needham
    A drain near where the sidewalk and lawn meet at 34 spring road often releases a substantial amount of water onto the spring road sidewalk and road itself. It causes deterioration of the sidewalk and problems when the water starts freezing. Can this be looked at? It is causing safety issues for walkers on the street.
  • Water IssuesAcknowledged
    21 Spring Rd Needham, MA 02494, USA - Needham
    There is a lot of standing water along a stretch of road near 34 Spring Street. It appears to be draining from a neighboring house. Could you please investigate this leak before it freezes into a sheet of ice? Thank you!
  • Water IssuesAcknowledged
    459 Webster St Needham Heights, MA, 02494, USA - Needham
    Please find out why there is often water leaking out of this house. I had to walk in the street this past weekend because there was ice completing covering the sidewalk. The same thing has happened at least twice in the past few months.
  • Water IssuesAcknowledged
    Hazelton Ave. Needham, Massachusetts - Needham

    During heavy rain (most recent Friday Oct 21, 2016...4th time in last 3 years) storm water pools on Hazelton Ave. and eventually runs in one massive rush through the backyard of #31 Hazleton down to Beaufort backyard (including into a swimming pool which then overflows also).

    All in a matter of seconds a giant pond and overflowed swimming pool is left in 3 Beaufort backyards. Homeowners are unable to address this amount of water through any barrier, yard regrading or sump system.

    Storm water from Hazleton and those streets higher up (Arch, Highgate, etc) must be redirected to stay on the streets and not go into yards. Attached map shows flow of water.