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  • 36 Reynolds Ave Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    I am increasingly concerned about the potential environmental impacts that are being caused by multiple vehicles being delivered and then worked on in the backyard of 36 Reynolds Ave. There is already a large Penske truck in the backyard and I wonder if the fluids from the truck were properly drained, gas/oil tank removed. The truck is probably being used for storage as there are lots of tires back there, but it is not on a paved surface that the fluids can drain onto. This has been a problem in the past with several vehicles needing to be towed from the backyard because he had too many vehicles there. I'm unsure if there are other vehicles in the backyard at this time, but a p/u truck was removed last night by folks that came by @ 11pm. I don't believe they were close friends because he said he had a dog-don't know what that means, but there seems to have been some sort of transaction with the vehicle. Don't know if he's repairing then selling or if he's literally acting as an auto repairman; this is a residential area and the owner needs to find a more appropriate place to hone his craft of auto repair rather than in an open backyard abutting several other homes and impacting their peaceful enjoyment, free of fumes and soil contamination and auto repair shop tool sounds. There has to be environmental impacts to the soil with fluid contamination, probably industrial fluids being used to repair vehicles; this is a health and environmental issue that should at the very least, be investigated to ensure that there is proper disposal of fluids.
  • 2 Brown St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    It's really frustrating when one follow the steps that are required and still the other side fail to do their part. Why are the leaf bags on Brown St left behind again. I have been through this with the trash not being picked up on a regular basis now this again. Friday night I made sure to take the bags to the front just in case if I was not up early Saturday morning and here I am Sunday night still staring at the bags in front of my house. Whyyy????!!!!!!
  • 427 N Main St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Reported this a week ago when there were 2 Grocery carts on sidewalk, now there are 3. Too bad whomever is leaving these here just can't take one that's already available to them to the store, rather than bringing another back home. You've got to feel for the funeral home and those coming up say goodbye to a loved one. You have this trash, then the house next to the funeral home blocks the parking on the street by parking on their front lawn. At least get the grocery carts removed . Thank you.
  • 40 Cross St Randolph 02368, United States - Randolph
    Trash piled up as well as vehicles parking on the front lawn. Code Enforcement has previously stated a warning was issued and the case/complaint was closed. Since the warning nothing has changed other than the occupants of the home now parking both vehicle on the lawn. At what point does the town take a stand and begin to process daily fines for non compliance of the by laws?? This is just one of many homes in town that need attention by both Code Enforcement and possible the board of health.
  • Highland Ave & Stoughton St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    This town-owned lot has not been cut since last year. The weeds are growing into the street
  • Hillside Ave Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Weeds from Fern ave are growing through the fence onto hillside ave. This becomes very problematic especially during the winter. Plows dont go close over there and the street ends up getting half plowed. Can the town please cut down this overgrowth. It would be greatly appreciated.
  • 331 High St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Large rug, yellow and red tarp on left side of the house has been there for months.
  • 2-98 Ledge Hill St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Please address the overgrown vegetation and trash build up on the sidewalk staring from 3 ledge hill to 10 ledge hill. the sidewalk is currently not useable.
  • 16 Orchard St Randolph, MA 02368, USA - Randolph
    Small park at the corner of Oak and Orchard has a huge amount of litter especially in the wooded area behind the bench and blocking the catch basin.
  • 15 Hickory St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    weeds have grown into 1/3 of Hickory street limiting passage. The town or owner would clear the street to allow snowplows or emergency vehicles access. Area is North and adjacent to15 Hickory Street. Appreciate your assist.
  • 2 Christy Ln Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
  • 89 Chestnut St Randolph, MA, 02368, USA - Randolph
    Over grow from brook dangerous get out from Robert rd