Winter Storm Assistance - Northeast PLUS

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  • Can't shovelAcknowledged
    6 Alveston Terrace Boston, MA - Jamaica Plain
    Cannot get to trash bins, main street and barely have a path to front door. One house occupant with recent back injury (slipped vertebrae disk and sciatica) other occupant with chronic bilateral Tenosynovitis in wrists, hands, arms and she has done as much as she can do!
  • 201 Reservation Road Hyde Park, MA - Hyde Park
    Need help clearing sidewalk for disabled elderly woman. Contact her son - Mr. Scott - at (857) 544-0646
  • 16 Strathmore Road Boston, MA - Brookline
    The parking lot usually plowed by the city is entirely impassable-DESPERATELY NEED A PLOW HERE
  • Columbia St Cambridge, MA - The Port
    617 935 3681
  • 6 Alveston Terrace jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    We've got a driveway that needs snow removal. Have a snowblower but are injured and can't use. It's a rather big job, so will pay to have cleared. Thanks!
  • 37th Avenue+Barnett Ave On 48th Street Queens, NY - Sunny Side
    on 48th street, between Barnett Avenue and 37th Avenue is a strecth of sidewalk which never gets shovelled; and remains frozen; this section is also the walkway to the main supermarket in the area Stop N Shop and people must walk in the street in traffic to avoid the ice. The city never addresses this issue and it is a danger especially to older people.
  • 144-176 Main Street Winsted, CT 06098, USA - Winsted
    People need to clean there sidewalk in front of closed store front across of Cumby's
  • 163 Helen Street hamden, CT - Branford
    my car is directly across the street from my home and I am being told that is they tow it it will cost $250 to get out when I have waited 3 days patiently for help!!! I am also disabled