City of Danville PLUS

Open Issues: 4 Closed Issues: 27,027 Acknowledged Issues: 97
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    409-499 Locust Ln Danville, VA, 24540, USA - Danville
    previous road patch has settled down and needs to refilled or leveled off with roadway. Near 433 Locust Lane.
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    101-349 Slayton Ave Danville, VA, 24540, USA - Danville
    Deep pot hole at the Institute for Advanced Learning & Research center. Many cyclists travel in this area and could be very dangerous.
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    Lee St Danville, VA, 24541, USA - Danville
    Various potholes all up and down Lee St.
  • PotholesAcknowledged
    316–398 Mount Cross Rd Danville 24540, United States - Danville
    Pot hole in front of quick shop
  • OtherAcknowledged
    54 Milton Ave Danville, VA 24541, USA - Danville
    Trash under porch
  • 817 Shepherd Ave Danville, VA, 24540, USA - Danville
    I thought it was the law that you are not allowed to live without utilities in a dwelling this lady is living without utilities doing drugs without them having cookouts without them can something please be done thank you
  • 1 Old Halifax Road Danville, VA - Danville