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Woburn, MA

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  • 111 Pleasant St Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    Around my apartment there are two unregistered motor vehicles blocking fire department access blocking all access around the home land lord will not take action due to health issues the tennant is ignoring it hourder issues they need to be gone they are a fire hazzard
  • 1-7 Reed St Woburn, MA 01801, USA - Woburn
    So the unregistered vehicles are still in the yards at 113 pleasant and on reed st four cars now and one abandoned purple car on the street after several months of complaining and even calling the mayor himself NOTHING NOTHING was ever done just a huge game of pass the puck it's time to call in the news teams to maybe bombard the system with some reality that laws in Woburn can be broken with absolutely no response from authority
  • 40-42 Chestnut Street Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
  • Abandoned VehicleAcknowledged
    18 Spring Ct Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    NY plates hasn't moved in over a week. Blocking my parking spot in front of my house. Seen person walk to housing projects.
  • Woburn Ma 01801 - Woburn
    Navy jeep and black cutlass.
  • 1 Mass Ave Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    There are two abandoned vehicles with flat tires and no license plate parked on the paper road between 1 and 2 Mass Ave. 1 Mass Ave. is also using their parking area as a parking lot for their Uber/Lyft business. The cars are sometimes parked haphazardly into the street and their residential parking is not zoned for a commercial parking lot.
  • 31 Conn St Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    An old Monte Carlo was dumped in front of my house, 31 Conn Street, Thursday, June 8, six days. It has not been moved since. The plate is 3TP 179. Someone has written on the back rear window, For Sale, with the phone number 407-0003, no area code listed. I am new to Woburn, but the house at 31 Khanh, so I didn't know what the regulations are. I know it is public parking, but in Somerville, for instance, the car will be ticketed and or towed after three days if it is not moved. I have a particular issue too, I am end stage renal kidney failure. I live alone at 31, and I am on Dialysis. This Thursday morning, I have the dialysis solution truck coming to my house to deliver. That lane is usually open. It's a big truck, and they remove 4 large pallets of liquid and bring them up into my house . I am also concerned in case of an emergency, that an ambulance may not be able to find parking. Thank you.-Neil Bowman
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    Harrison Ave Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
  • 114 Burlington St. Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    Residents of 114 Burlington St do not pick up their dog's feces. It is all over the sidewalk and curbing on the left side (even side) of Old Farm Rd. In the winter when the sidewalk was covered in snow, the dog feces was all over the street. This is a bus stop and it is disgusting.
  • 22 Hilltop Parkway Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    backyard filled with debris from construction project.
  • Sheridan Street Woburn, MA - Woburn
    In the brook behind the homes on Sheridan Street, there is a disgusting floating glob of foam and debris including a dead duck
  • Trash and DebrisAcknowledged
    1082-1084 Main Street Woburn, Massachusetts - Woburn
    A large area of Trash and Debris on Main Street next to 1082 Main Street. It is starting to look like another dumping ground. Thank you for fixing this issue.