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  • 8-10 Coolidge Ave Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    The chainlink fence around the UPS distribution center on Coolidge Ave is coming apart, with the bottom of the fence extending into the sidewalk by several inches at certain spots. There are also shark, unfolded pieces of the chainlink protruding. I cut my ankle on one of the protruding pieces of the fence (pictured). This is a hazard to pedestrians on Coolidge Ave.
  • 191 Dexter Avenue Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown

    (this was sent to the town manager a month ago, but was never responded to. My office moved two weeks ago to a different part of Watertown, but I am still concerned about this curve)


    I (used to) work at an office/lab on Dexter Ave, and personally find that people heading southwest down Dexter Ave negotiate the curve (which is a blind curve) far too quickly. There are parking lots on 200 and 201 Dexter Ave where cars are often backing out, and a car that is speeding down Dexter Ave may not see the other car backing out until it is too late. I have also frequently seen cars heading eastbound cross the double yellow centerline when negotiating the curve. Would it be possible to add a speed bump, or other form of traffic calming (bulb out, etc.) to Dexter Ave right before the curve, and some sort of centerline barrier (posts, etc.), so that drivers must negotiate the curve at a safe speed?

    Thank you.

  • 40 Waverley Ave Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    Detectable warning at intersection of Waverley Ave and Bemis St needs replacing
  • 198 School Street Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    Water is seeping up from cracks in the street in front of 198 School St. The water is then freezing and creating a huge ice patch. Earlier this year there was also this water weeping up from the street.
  • 330 Arsenal Street Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    Hi good morning Sir or Madam
    Front off Lexus dealership few uneaten spots just recently repaired it’s not good for driving please can fixed or make eaven better the road please Thankyou stay safe
    Make Watertown roads better please
  • 18 Pequossette Street Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    There is section of sidewalk missing in front of 18 Pequossette St for the last few months. It needs repair.
  • 51 Forest Street Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    There are large pieces of asphalt across the sidewalk which is a major hazard for pedestrians.
  • 767 Belmont Street Belmont, MA, 02478, USA - Watertown
    Lose manhole cover on Belmont Street between Hovey Street and Jonathan St.
  • 21 Theurer Park Watertown, MA, 02472, USA - Watertown
    Cars consistently exceed the speed limit on Jackson Road. There are lots of pedestrians that walk by the park including children walking to and from the elementary school. A raised cross walk leading to the entrance to the park with painted lines could correct this issue.