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  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    Weston Ave Braintree 02184 United States - Braintree
    Horrible deteriorated sidewalks of Weston Ave pose great challenges and danger to anyone in a wheelchair or with crutches. They are NOT safe!!!
  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    95 Weston Ave Braintree 02184, United States - Braintree
    The condition of the side walk is deplorable making it very difficult if not impossible for children and my handicapped relatives to navigate.
  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    80 Weston Ave Braintree 02184, United States - Braintree
    Please fix our sidewalks and pave Weston Ave. The sidewalks are not safe for wheelchairs, strollers and walkers. Also, the South Middle School bus stops on this street twice. Why has Weston Ave been overlooked?
  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    69 Holbrook Ave Braintree, MA 02184, USA - Braintree
    (Reported on behalf of Braintree Commission on Disability) sidewalk on French Ave near back side of MBTA station/employee parking has no curb cut.
  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    80 Weston Ave Braintree, MA, 02184, USA - Braintree
    The road and sidewalks on Weston Ave are in horrible condition. The patchwork jobs are unattractive and during the winter the plows kick up chunks of asphalt onto my lawn, which has damaged my lawnmower. I walk to the T sometimes for work and the sidewalks are nonexistent and dangerous (uneven, cracked, holes, etc.). Every street in Braintree has been repaved and has new, safe sidewalks. Why not Weston Ave? This is dangerous for our children, elderly neighbors and anyone in a wheelchair. And, the South Middle School stops twice on Weston Ave. Please come and fix our street and sidewalks. Thank you.
  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    502-576 Grove St Braintree, MA 02184, USA - Braintree
    No sidewalks
  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    175 Ma-37 Braintree, MA 02184, USA - Braintree
    (Reporting on Behalf of Braintree Commission on Disabilities): sidewalk width again narrowed between Marshfield Rd & Lakeview Ave by a combination of 2 telephone poles and overgrown bushes. Also section of Sidewalk is missing in front of 175 Franklin and a hole in sidewalk right before that.
  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    1 John F Kennedy Memorial Dr Braintree, MA 02184, USA - Braintree

    (Reported on behalf of Braintree Commission on Disabilities): missing curb cut: when a wheelchair user gets on the sidewalk at the corner of Washington & Central they cannot get off at Central & JFK memorial drive to continue down central Ave. the closest curb cut is all the way in front of Town Hall. Wheelchair users are forced to roll in the street against traffic here. Resident reports that there are multiple wheelchair users that live on Central Ave. this lack of curb cuts also becomes a problem at events such as the farmers market where people cannot get on/off the sidewalk.

    Can a curb cut be added?

  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    304 Franklin St Braintree, MA 02184, USA - Braintree
    (Reported on Behalf of Braintree Commission on Disabilities): significant sidewalk deterioration on sidewalk opposite 292 Franklin.
  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    Roy Googins Field Lake Street, Braintree, MA 02184, United States of America - Braintree
    Lack of wheelchair access to baseball fields for Braintree Challenger League.
  • ADA ComplianceAcknowledged
    129 Pearl St Braintree, MA 02184, USA - Braintree

    (Request on behalf of Braintree Commission on Disabilities): Temporary curb cuts were put in December 23, 2014 at the corners by the liquor store at Pearl Plaza due to visibility issues for pedestrians crossing inside the plaza where the sidewalk ends due parked cars obstructing the view of turning vehicles.

    Permanent ADA-compliant curb cuts were supposed to replace them once the winter was over, but the temporary curb cuts still remain.

  • Hollingsworth Field - Braintree

    On March 27, I sent the following to Nelson Chin and Mayor Sullivan about the accessibility problems at Hollingsworth. Having returned from a weekend there, no improvements have been made and each field as well as the entire complex is a safety concern for anyone in a wheelchair. Hope this system helps to close the loop and immediately make some changes.

    My name is Giles Parker, and my son Jake is a 13 year old Braintree boy with muscular dystrophy. Thank you again for meeting with me last year at Hollingsworth Field to walk through all of the accessibility needs for each of the fields and the entire complex. As we talked about, I think that it is an incredible that Braintree is home to one of the only Challenger Leagues around. But, also to have park and recreational facilities accessible to all — even if to just watch a Little League game.

    My wife and I were up at the fields in preparation for the Little League season. It appears that the League has made improvements to the actual fields, but nothing yet on the accessibility side of things.

    I’m sure that you could not get any work done in the winter, but anything planned with the season fast approaching?

    From what we talked about, it seemed like the following were priorities for this year:

    - Adding additional handicap parking spaces (possibly van only) in
    - Improving the approaches to the benches and dugouts of Googins, Rull, and Tarallo
    - Adding additional curve cuts

    The long-term plan might be:

    - Regrading the hill because it is dangerous for anyone going up or down in a wheelchair
    - Adding sidewalks because everyone has to walk in the way of oncoming traffic - particularly from the handicap spots down to Rull
    - Reorganizing the parking to allow better flow in/out

    Thanks again for taking these on, and look forward to being back up there with you to see the improvements.