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Hopkinton, MA

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  • 29 School St Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton
    The new online curbside collection calendar is a joke! The format simply repeats same description for each day, with no monthly or weekly overview. Does not tell you whether any given day is a holiday, thus giving no information about whether that day (and/or following days)is a valid pickup day or not. Absolutely useless!
  • 12 Smith Rd Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton
    Is it permissible to empty a swimming pool into the street via a hose? That’s what’s going on , corner Smith & Oak, yellow house.
  • 14 Hazel Rd Hopkinton, Middlesex - Hopkinton
    very low water pressure as of 7/2/19 am
  • LitterOpen
    2-30 Front St Town of Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton

    I am a resident on Front Street. We bought our house almost 2 years ago and we love the area we live.

    However, since we have moved in, our family is absolutely saddened and frustrated to see the amount of trash on Front Street. We are unsure if the litter is due to Harvey pick up misses (after trash and recycling pick up, we often see a random bottle or piece of trash that did not make it in), but we also absolutely know that there are residents driving down Front Street and throwing trash out of their car windows.

    We ALWAYS see cigarette butts, bottles, and trash on Front Street in the brush on the side of the road between houses. This morning, there was a full yogurt thrown out of someone's car window onto our driveway.

    This is absolutely disgraceful for a town like Hopkinton to have trash near residents' homes and on the side of a road that is marked as 'scenic'.

    How can we request 'No Littering' signs for Front Street? We are so saddened and disappointed to see Hopkinton and our home littered like this on a regular basis.

  • LitterOpen
    364 Wood St Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton
    There is massive amounts of litter strewn all over Route 135 south of Harvey's Recycling, for miles. Would someone with the Town of Hopkinton please take care of this??? Our town is beginning to look quite literally like a dump! For a town that has so much natural beauty, this is an abomination.
  • PotholeAcknowledged
    176 South Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    There is a manhole cover in the left travel lane (when traveling south towards Milford) by the traffic light at Dell EMC 176 South Street that has sunk far below the road surface. It's like a bad pothole and its position is such that you have to shift to the left or right in the travel lane to avoid it. Please repair this as soon as possible. Thanks.
  • 24 Smith Rd Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton
    The corner of Smith and Jackson Street is damaged due to Snow plows as they took up a considerable amount of grass knocking out a sprinkler (we have replaced the sprinkler and it's currently is marked with a white flag)
    Please reseed and soil the exposed area on the corner of Smith Rd and Jackson Street
  • 21 Grove St Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton
    Sidewalk plow damage
  • 22 West Elm Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    Stanley Tree cut and left two trees worth of debris on my property after removing a city tree from the wires at the end of our driveway yesterday. They also damaged our rock wall and destroyed our mailbox while cutting the tree. How do I apply for reimbursement for the damage and have the tree debris removed?
  • Main Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton

    Roadwork on the main roads should be done at night. It took me 25 minutes to travel from the new Dunkins to the police officer 'directing' traffic. We stood still for three light cycles!

    just not good planning.

  • Tree IssueAcknowledged
    176 Ash Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    Two very large trees on the side of the road are no longer alive. One had a huge branch fall on the roadway on Friday 9/28/18 and luckily no one was driving underneath it at the time. Since they are no longer alive and are hanging over the roadway those pose a very dangerous hazard to drivers and liability to the town. Please remove both trees.
  • 194 Hayden Rowe St Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton