City of Worcester PLUS

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  • Tree Inspectionتم إقراره
    Kendall St & Oak Ave Worcester, MA, 01605, USA - Worcester
    Large tree limb extends over oak avenue near the intersection of oak ave and Kendall street intersection. Not a real healthy tree, if this branch fall it is very large and would cause serious damage to a car on this busy street
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    248 Olean St Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    many dead red pines around reservoir
  • Tree Inspectionتم إقراره
    134 Glendale Street Worcester, MA, 01602, USA - Worcester
    Dead and Decaying trees need inspection and removal at Rockwood Park near Glendale Street Entrance. Be careful!
  • 25 Rob Roy Rd Worcester 01602, United States - Worcester
    30 Rob Roy
  • 29-39 Rob Roy Road Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    water coming out of sidewalk or driveway. real slipping hazard as covered with algae. been happening for well over a year and getting worse.
  • 2 June St Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    Sidewalk not shoveled again.
  • 1 Aylesbury Road Worcester, MA, 01609, USA - Worcester
    The sidewalk isn't Shoveled. It's a school zone and kids walk to the bus stops. There's no sidewalk across the street so there's kids in the street. Parents are climbing over snow banks to get to their cars down at the school because the sidewalk across the street is not shoveled.
  • 88 Flagg Street Worcester, MA, 01602, USA - Worcester
    School zone sidewalks and bus stop routes are still not shoveled. my daughter fell this am, broke her phone and luckily didnt re-break her arm. She slipped and fell as she was climbing a snowbank in her path and then slipped when she hit the 3" of ice from the water main on the other side. Im honestly astounded this isnt being addressed yet. Its every year but this year is exceptionally worse.
  • 94 Commodore Rd Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    They shoveled the Commodore Rd side of their house but the Longfellow side of the house is now shear ice. they never shovel it.
  • 135 Amherst Street Worcester Ma - Worcester
    Sidewalk has not been shoveled on either side of the corner property.
  • 425 Chandler Street Worcester, MA, 01602, USA - Worcester
  • 442 Chandler Street Worcester, MA, 01602, USA - Worcester