City of Worcester PLUS

Open Issues: 1 Closed Issues: 2,985 Acknowledged Issues: 253
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    125 S Ludlow Street Worcester, Massachusetts, 01603 - Worcester
    Street light outside 125 south ludlow Street is out and it’s very dark
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    19 Washburn St Worcester, MA 01610, USA - Worcester
    street light not working!
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    17 Ormond St Worcester, MA 01609, USA - Worcester
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    12 Englewood Ave Worcester, MA 01603, USA - Worcester
    Street light at the corner of Englewood and Hobson Ave is out
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    Worcester Ma 01603 United States - Worcester
    Nobody is fixing the light at the corner of Bishop Ave and Catalpa St. You marked the request resolved, but you did not fix the light. We are the ones who have to deal with this light flickering on and off all night. And conveniently your app does not allow for video uploads. Fix it.
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    10 Bishop Ave Worcester MA 01603, United States - Worcester
    Light at the corner of Catalpa St and Bishop Ave
  • 460-466 Highway 122 Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    light cover missing from last year, electrical wiring panel open
  • 144 Stafford St Worcester MA 01603, United States - Worcester
    The street sign has been replaced but the bus stop sign remains down .
    Bus stop sign needs to be put back. Some bus drivers will not stop if there is no sign .
  • 108 Hamilton St Worcester MA 01604, United States - Worcester
    15 Minute Parking 8AM - 6 PM
    Right arrow.
  • Mayfair Street Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    This is the third time the sign has been missing this year. now the pole is also missing and the sign is attached to the pole and somehow it is thrown in the woods.
  • 11 Mountain St E Worcester, MA 01606, USA - Worcester
    Traffic signals for drivers approaching from w. Mountain are angled such that the signals are not readily viewable
  • 66 Mountain St W Worcester, MA 01606, USA - Worcester
    Traffic signals at this intersection have lens that prevent the signal from being observed as green or red when approaching from either side.