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  • Adams St Worcester, Massachusetts, 01604 - Worcester
    When coming out of Adams St on to Shrewsbury St the traffic light has not been working since 6/13/22. You can not get out onto Shrewsbury st and make a left turn. Light is constantly red!
  • Institute Rd & Lancaster St Worcester, MA, 01609, USA - Worcester
    testing problem with the attachment link
  • Boylston St & Plantation Street Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    Red light is OUT if taking a left from Boylston Street on to Plantation Street. It does appear the green and yellow light are in working order but when it's time for a red light, it goes blank
  • Traffic FlowAcknowledged
    Highland & Lincoln Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    Heading Easton Highland to Lincoln Square gets very jammed, people don't know to use the right hand lane to go straight, could fit 5-6 cars, could keep traffic up above on Highland flowing better, a LARGE sign with Straight or Right would help. Perhaps only one left turn lane instead of two may make the forward flow better as well, cars really get backed up in the morning. Thanks. Sharon
  • Madison St Worcester 01608, United States - Worcester
    Pedestrian crossing from franklin to green not working
  • Park Ave Worcester, MA, 01609, USA - Worcester
    Left turn light from Park Ave onto Salisbury stuck on red
  • Institute Rd And West Street Worcester Massachusetts - Worcester
    At least two stop signs are rotated away from what they should be. The angle is so great that it’s difficult to know which streets they apply to. It could be deadly.
  • 49 Fourth St Worcester MA 01602, United States - Worcester
    At least 8 bags of trash on the front lawn & trash day isn't till is Saturday ..
  • 231 May St Worcester 01602 United States - Worcester
    The backyard is completely filled with junk and trash
  • 99 Penn Ave Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    The bags were placed after the truck passed
  • 98-102 Penn Ave Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    Not my trash was put out late
  • 157 1/2 Vernon St Worcester, MA 01610, USA - Worcester
    multiple bags of trash that have been tagged and loose items