City of Worcester PLUS

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  • Sidewalk DefectiveAcknowledged
    Green St Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    See above.
  • Sidewalk DefectiveAcknowledged
    S Crystal St Worcester, MA, 01603, USA - Worcester
    growing hole in concrete on the top of the footbridge S crystal St
  • Sidewalk DefectiveAcknowledged
    69 S Lenox St Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    The sidewalk isn't defective, per se, but every summer it's completely overgrown and non-navigable. The planting are lovely but I have to walk on the dangerous road with a stroller because I can't get through safely.
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    2 Ashburnham Rd Worcester, MA 01605, USA - Worcester
    no light
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    173 Mill Street Worcester, MA, 01603, USA - Worcester
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    Clearview Ave Worcester, MA, 01605, USA - Worcester
    Pole # 1
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    Summerhill Ave Worcester, MA, 01606, USA - Worcester

    Hi! There is a street light out in front of 61 Summerhill Avenue. Without this street light, the entire upper part of the road has become very dark and poorly light only by the outside lights of neighbors homes. Often you can find children playing outside or neighbors walking their dogs at night, but without this streetlight that has become somewhat unsafe. With both Halloween and Daylight Savings fast approaching, we come together as neighbors to ask if this could please be looked into soon! Thank you in advance!

    - Neighbors of Upper Summerhill Ave

  • Street light outAcknowledged
    273 Moreland Street Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    The street light at the end of the driveway at 273 Moreland Street has been out for over a month.
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    6 Carriage House Ln Worcester, MA, 01606, USA - Worcester
    Street light out at beginning of street
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    196 Perry Avenue Worcester, MA, 01610, USA - Worcester
    pole #26 is burnt out
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    12 Allendale St Worcester, MA 01610, USA - Worcester
  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    62-64 June St Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    streetlight is out. has been for ~2 days