City of Worcester PLUS

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  • Street Light OutAcknowledged
    70 Russell St Worcester 01609, United States - Worcester
    Flickering streetlight on Russell St
  • 107 Blithewood/Oakwood Lane Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester

    There is no speed limit sign coming UP Blithewood Ave from Grafton Street. There IS a speed limit (20MPH) as well as SHARP CURVE signs posted coming DOWN Blithewood Ave, but nothing coming up.

    This is very dangerous corner for all residents trying to exit (left of right) from Oakwood Lane. Cars fly up the hill on Blithewood Ave, well past the speed limit & due to the sharp curve, there is a blind spot which is creating a very dangerous situation. It is only a matter of time before there is a very serious accident at this spot. We are formerly requesting the City / DPW / Police review this corner, speeds, and signage for the safety of the residents and guests of Oakwood Lane.

  • 42.31479 -71.80738 - Worcester
    There are three lanes of traffic here, you can turn left, proceed straight, or take a right. Seems pretty intuitive as to which lane you should be in depending where you want to go, but it's not. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen someone in the middle lane try to turn left, while someone in the far left lane proceeds straight and almost collide.
  • SpeedingAcknowledged
    11 Plantation Street Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    People speed up and down Plantation Street with no enforcement. You cannot even cross the street safely. They go so fast from Plantation and Hamilton to the Red Light on Grafton Street. There needs to be something done.
  • 133 Coburn Avenue Worcester, MA, 01604, USA - Worcester
    There are no SCHOOL ZONE signs on Coburn Ave for Lake View School. Cars and trucks fly down the street at excess speeds. When the Plantation St bridge was closed and cars were detoured down Belmont to Lake Ave to Hamilton St, everyones GPS showed them to cut across Coburn to get to Hamilton and traffic has increased dramatically on Coburn. On some nights, cars race side by side up and down the street. Perhaps a CCS wire on Coburn would prove the increased traffic flow and a school zone sign would be warranted.
  • Arthur St & Dorchester St Worcester, MA, 01604, USA - Worcester
    Please install a stop sign or flashing lights on dorchester street at arthur street intersection. There is 2 play grounds and a school in the area, and trying to turn onto dorchester in the afternoon, because of all the school parking, you can not see safely when to go. Plus many cars dont stop for the kids crossing at the intersection.
  • 285 Tacoma St Worcester 01605, United States - Worcester
    The Fatima Lane street sign pole was hit by a vehicle during the snowfall Thursday night - 11/15/18. The pole is beyond repair and the sign (Fatima Lane” is missing.
  • Mayfair Street Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    This is the third time the sign has been missing this year. now the pole is also missing and the sign is attached to the pole and somehow it is thrown in the woods.
  • 2 Fraternal Ave Worcester, MA 01606, USA - Worcester
    on ground at corner of fraternal and wildey
  • 174–178 Institute Rd Worcester MA 01602, United States - Worcester
    The stop sign is leaning into the sidewalk path at the intersection My friend was watching out for her dog at the intersection & came inches from smacking her head into sign which would've caused physical damage to her head or eyes Also the sun was in front of us setting so this sign could be hard to see when it's bright
  • W Boylston St Worcester, MA, 01606, USA - Worcester
    On both Monday May 2 & Wed May 4, while traveling on W Boylston St between Ramstrom’s & Shaw’s, I saw 2 different vehicles driving the Wrong way, narrowly missing slamming into oncoming traffic. Are signs down at the intersection with Grove & Park?
  • 495 Cambridge St Worcester MA 01610, United States - Worcester
    Left turn notification sign in the peg island knocked down partially blocking pedestrian path. I observed the senior in the image working hard to navigate the obstruction. Image taken this morning.