City of Worcester PIU

Problemi aperti: 10 Problemi chiusi: 8.398 Problemi presi in atto: 1.519
  • 485 Mill St Worcester MA 01602, United States - Worcester
    This was marked as resolved but I am unclear of the resolution.
  • 59 Merrick St Worcester MA 01609, United States - Worcester
    This garbage receptacle was moved from sever street to merrick.. no one has claimed ownership of it and it simply needs to be removed completely. It is a health hazard, no one is emptying it. m
  • 128 May Street Worcester, Massachusetts, 01602 - Worcester
    Overgrowth on property
  • 4 Ellis Drive Worcester, MA, 01609, USA - Worcester
    Work not finished by contractor on sidewalks installed by Salisbury and Ellis Streets. Please see photo. I took several photos but seems I could only attach one.
  • Indian Lake Worcester MA, United States - Worcester
    There is geese poop and feathers all over the sand at Lake Shore beach next to the Y. While it's not officially open yet, people are going there and you can't sit in the beach and enjoy it. It's truly disgusting.
  • 10 Ormond St Worcester MA 01609, United States - Worcester
    Hydrant has been like this for 3 days
  • 14 Quissett Street Worcester, MA, 01602, USA - Worcester
    Stump rolling near nuclear hazard and radioactivity.
  • 15 Lyon St Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    this trailer with tires has been left on the street for over 2 weeks and the person don't even live around here. he just dumps his trailer on our street and is taking awY from our parking spots.
  • 15 Barry Road Worcester, Massachusetts, 01609 - Worcester
    trees planted by city are dying/dead
  • 8 Merchant St Worcester, MA 01603, USA - Worcester
    Due to Merchant Street's close proximity to Sullivan Middle & South High, the street sees an increased level of activity/traffic on weekday mornings and afternoons.
  • 274 Salisbury Street Worcester, MA, 01609, USA - Worcester
    Grass extremely overgrown. Property un kept.
  • 40 Metcalf St Worcester MA 01609, United States - Worcester