City of Worcester PIU

Problemi aperti: 10 Problemi chiusi: 8.557 Problemi presi in atto: 1.618
  • 52 Hancock Hill Dr Worcester MA 01609, United States - Worcester
    Corner of catch basin in sinking
  • 49 Arthur St Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    public safety
  • 15 Hanna Rd Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    Water pouring out of crack in the asphalt
  • 14 Quissett Street Worcester, Massachusetts, 01602 - Worcester
    14 Quissett St - road in front of house had a leak, which was “fixed” and turned into a sinkhole
  • 464 Chandler St Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    Building without permit
  • 4 Sun Valley Drive Worcester, Massachusetts, 01609 - Worcester
    This is for #4 SUN VALLEY DRIVE It is not mowed short. You closed the previous complaint incorrectly. This property is in violation of the nuisance ordinance 42 section 2 " Overgrowth. All property shall be maintained free of vegetation over twelve
    (12) nches high that is or may reasonably become infested with rodents,
    vermin, or other animals, conceal pools of stagnant water, or create a fire
    safety hazard. All property shall be kept free of overgrown, decayed, dead,
    or hazardous trees, shrubs, or any other vegetation that poses a hazard to the health and safety of any person in the vicinity of the property" 4 SUN VALLEY DRIVE
  • 570 Main St Worcester, MA 01608, USA - Worcester
    Bike unsafely chaîned up in Federal Plaza Garage.
  • 275 Hamilton St Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    two pedestrian crosswalks. one at 275 Hamilton st location. the other at 283 Hamilton st location
  • 173 Mill St Worcester MA 01603, United States - Worcester
    The grass has not been mowed It is 3 feet high
  • 11 Proctor St Worcester MA 01606, United States - Worcester
    Landscaping / mowing needed at the Proctor Street Pumping Station
  • 4 Albemarle St Worcester MA 01605, United States - Worcester
    Dumpster at 7 Albemarle Street has been on property since winter. Trash is rotting and causing major rat issue.
  • 291 1/2 Hamilton St Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    City railings down on Hamilton Street