City of Worcester PLUS

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  • Institute Rd And West Street Worcester Massachusetts - Worcester
    At least two stop signs are rotated away from what they should be. The angle is so great that it’s difficult to know which streets they apply to. It could be deadly.
  • Madison St Worcester 01608, United States - Worcester
    Pedestrian crossing from franklin to green not working
  • Park Ave Worcester, MA, 01609, USA - Worcester
    Left turn light from Park Ave onto Salisbury stuck on red
  • 99 Penn Ave Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    The bags were placed after the truck passed
  • 150 Pleasant St Worcester, MA 01609, USA - Worcester
  • 98-102 Penn Ave Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    Not my trash was put out late
  • 563 Grafton St Worcester, MA, 01604, USA - Worcester
    On corner of Standish and Grafton there is a bunch of trash (mostly clothes) on the side walk. They have been here for at least a few weeks.
  • 9 Plantation St Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    In front of 7 Plantation Street the city Green Tagged a bag , but it has been on the sidewalk for 2 weeks now.
  • 157 1/2 Vernon St Worcester, MA 01610, USA - Worcester
    multiple bags of trash that have been tagged and loose items
  • Tree InspectionPotwierdzone
    70 Osceola Ave Worcester, MA, 01606, USA - Worcester
    the center of this tree is dead and rotted, everyday i have to pick up several pieces of the rotted tree off my lawn. last year i had to put in a claim to have my car roof repaired due to a rotted branch fallen on it causing damage.
  • Tree InspectionPotwierdzone
    392 Franklin Street Worcester, MA, 01604, USA - Worcester
    This tree was affected by last week's storm(10/27/21). There is an electrical cable affected and that is on the ground. The wire makes contact with a wire mesh. This could represent a hazard. The tree passes from one property to another, the same as the cable.
  • Tree InspectionPotwierdzone
    6 Walter Street Worcester, MA, 01609, USA - Worcester
    This is a dead tree that has branches falling every time it rains heavily. I’m afraid of it falling over and branches possibly hitting a car or a person walking.