City of Worcester PLUS

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  • Mount Vernon St Worcester, Massachusetts, 01605 - Worcester
    At 21 Mount Vernon street, the building management refuse to tidy up the grounds. There's trash (liquor bottles, drink bottles, cups, Christmas decor, a rug, window screens, cigarette butts etc.) on various parts of the property. The fencing around the property and the dumpster has deteoriated. The inside of the building has tenant's shoes (and other items) all throughout the walkway of the building. There are holes in the wall of the building. The carpet throughout the building haven't been changed in at least 17 years- since the building was initially built. The doors of the building do not securely close. There are stray cats all over the property, and hopping through tenant's windows. I'm sure because THESE tenants are feeding the stray cats. I've been reporting these issues for about two years now. The building management just got rid of the two year roach infestation. Can someone please help. Thank you
  • 46 Park Ave Worcester, MA 01609, USA - Worcester
    WTF! Get In There. Gut It. I'm A BOBCAT.
  • 137 Eastern Ave Worcester MA 01605, United States - Worcester
    Collapsing building . Building is buclingg and collapsing onto the sidewalk. Animals living and dead inside. Rooline sagging and collapsin. Imminent hazard. g
  • 75 Westborough St Worcester MA 01604, United States - Worcester
    Who do I contact to get the culvert and sewer line on my property marked, as well as what my plumbers called a main basement shutoff from the street, that can be replaced for free? I want to see where my shed is as well as other areas, so I do not build on them. Thank you for your help in advance, regards.
  • 781 Grove St Worcester, MA 01605, USA - Worcester
    Old Saint Peter Marion has been vandalized, broken windows etc. Property is a nuisance to the neighborhood. Diocese of Worcester was notified over a month ago. No action to board it up or secure the property has been initiated.
  • 427 Main St Worcester MA 01608, United States - Worcester
    The billboard is falling, afraid it falls onah moving vehicleonor
  • Burncoat Street Preparatory School - Worcester
    The school bell has been rinhing for hours
  • 27 Granby Road Worcester, Massachusetts, 01604 - Worcester
    The height and conditions of these steps as well as the weather proofing of the door caused un safe conditions which resulted in my wife and daughter being injured today 3/23/24. This building has multiple other issues wrong with it. I recommend a full building inspection.
  • 18 Hampton Street Worcester, MA, 01604, USA - Worcester
    There has been a lot of contruction going on at the duplex. Lots of dumpsters and circular saw cutting. They remodeled the duplex next to this one and there never appeared to be a building permit posted and now they are doing this one with no building permit. There are lots of van and trucks that have been parked at this location and up and down the street making huge amounts of noise.
  • 20 Meena Dr Worcester, Massachusetts, 01603 - Worcester
    Mass housing owner
  • 69 Southwest Cutoff Worcester, Massachusetts, 01604 - Worcester
    KeHE Distributors located in the back at 69B, there is a rodent infestation. It emanates from the company occupying 69A. They are making no attempt to remedy the problem. They are a food distributor. Rodents have been seen going in and out of trailers transporting foodstuff throughout New England.
  • 1 Byron Street Worcester, MA, 01605, USA - Worcester
    A large part of the siding has been ripped off and the structure of the porch is exposed, unsure if the building could be deemed to be safe or not.