City of Worcester PLUS

Mga Bukas na Isyu: 11 Mga Saradong Isyu: 7,500 Mga Na-acknowledge na Isy: 994
  • 50 Sw Cutoff Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    Car parked in handicap spot without placard
  • 15 Schussler Road Worcester, Massachusetts, 01609 - Worcester
  • 225 Mill St Worcester MA 01602, United States - Worcester
    cars parked in the bike lane in front Coes Beach
  • 95 Plantation St Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    parked on sidewalk
  • 22 Plantation St Worcester MA 01604, United States - Worcester
    Parked in handicap spot
  • Mill St Worcester, MA, 01603, USA - Worcester
    Multiple cars parked in bike lane at beach.
  • 22 Derby St Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    commercial vehicles parked on public street
  • 25 Kendall St Worcester MA 01605, United States - Worcester
    Non resident parked in resident spot
  • May St + Hollywood St Worcester, MA 01610, USA - Worcester
    This guy just don't get it.
    This is the third time he's parked on the corner.
  • 23 Johnson Street Worcester, Massachusetts, 01604 - Worcester
    Black car is parked against direction of road
  • 54 Chatham St Worcester, MA 01609, USA - Worcester
    Pole and Playstation 119 (Zone 50806) appears to have been hit by a vehicle and is bent and damaged.
  • Temple St Worcester, Massachusetts, 01604 - Worcester
    I parked my vehicle on Temple Street and attempted to use the Passport Parking app. I kept getting an error after repeatedly putting in my card information. This is the second time that this has happened to me with the passport parking system in the city. I attempted to pay online instead of the app which also did not work. I spent 20 frustrating minutes trying to pay to park.