City of Worcester PLUS

Open Issues: 1 Closed Issues: 1,194 Acknowledged Issues: 134
  • 133 Coburn Avenue Worcester, MA, 01604, USA - Worcester
    There are no SCHOOL ZONE signs on Coburn Ave for Lake View School. Cars and trucks fly down the street at excess speeds. When the Plantation St bridge was closed and cars were detoured down Belmont to Lake Ave to Hamilton St, everyones GPS showed them to cut across Coburn to get to Hamilton and traffic has increased dramatically on Coburn. On some nights, cars race side by side up and down the street. Perhaps a CCS wire on Coburn would prove the increased traffic flow and a school zone sign would be warranted.
  • 285 Tacoma St Worcester 01605, United States - Worcester
    The Fatima Lane street sign pole was hit by a vehicle during the snowfall Thursday night - 11/15/18. The pole is beyond repair and the sign (Fatima Lane” is missing.
  • 2 Fraternal Ave Worcester, MA 01606, USA - Worcester
    on ground at corner of fraternal and wildey
  • Mayfair Street Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    This is the third time the sign has been missing this year. now the pole is also missing and the sign is attached to the pole and somehow it is thrown in the woods.
  • 147 Coolidge Rd Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    Stip sign at Longfellow and Coolidge is down and blocking the sidewalk to pedestrians.
  • Ma-146 Worcester 01610, United States - Worcester
    Screw on top is off. Sign is now hanging upside down
  • 5 Highland St Worcester, MA 01608, USA - Worcester
    Regulatory signage knocked over and obstructing sidewalk
  • 495 Cambridge St Worcester MA 01610, United States - Worcester
    Left turn notification sign in the peg island knocked down partially blocking pedestrian path. I observed the senior in the image working hard to navigate the obstruction. Image taken this morning.
  • 210-226 Beverly Rd Worcester, MA, 01605, USA - Worcester
    Sign has a sticker on it and is nearly completely faded away. It needs to be replaced.
  • Lincoln And North Parkway Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    Left turn signal to turn from Lincoln to North Parkway is stuck on red, has been for at least 3 days.
  • Belmont St & Shrewsbury St Worcester, MA, 01604, USA - Worcester
    Blinking traffic lights at intersection
  • 178 Massachusetts 12 Worcester, MA 01606, USA - Worcester
    The lane lines are in dire need of repaving, they're almost impossible to see in places even in good conditions. This makes the busy merges more dangerous.