City of Worcester PLUS

Open Issues: 1 Closed Issues: 2,897 Acknowledged Issues: 271
  • Unrivaled Training 129 Water St Worcester MA 01604, United States - Worcester
    Too loud music and HEAVY BASS. Feeling torture 8-9hrs/ day and its been years. Can someone help?
  • 141–199 Newton Ave N Worcester MA 01609, United States - Worcester
    Contractor conducting paving work on Newton Ave North provided no notice of paving and need to move cars prior to conducting work
  • 494 Lincoln St Worcester, MA 01605, USA - Worcester
    group of individuals loitering at the bus stop
  • 44 Fourth St Worcester MA 01602, United States - Worcester
    Brown water since last night
  • 12 Massasoit Rd Worcester MA 01604, United States - Worcester
    Trash/Pumpkin left out by neighbors. Not collected by town.
  • 9 Sutton Ln Worcester MA 01603, United States - Worcester
    Trash dumped on Sutton Lane
  • 40 Park Hill Rd Worcester, MA 01607, USA - Worcester
    no water pressure
  • 248 Vernon St Worcester, MA 01607, USA - Worcester
    tents, dog without leash, human waste, dog waste, trash
  • 32 Ripley St Worcester MA 01610, United States - Worcester
    Bag of trash dumped.
  • 3 Reeves St Worcester MA 01607, United States - Worcester
    They use cones to "save" their spots. They didn't clear any spot to park there and there is no parking
  • 7 Wabash Ave Worcester MA 01604, United States - Worcester
    6-7 un licensed and registered dogs . Multiple dogs .
  • 34 Rodney St Worcester MA 01605, United States - Worcester
    This is just a section of Rodney Street, but the rest looks the same The street and sidewalks are filthy Kids walk down here for school It teaches that it's ok to continue to litter