City of Worcester PLUS

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  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    35 Forbes St Worcester, MA 01605, USA - Worcester
    neighbors cleaning their yard and throwing everything onto the property. they have also taken a piece of the owners property
  • 242 Clark St Worcester MA 01606, United States - Worcester
    Litter is scattered from Harley Drive to Tacoma Street, on right side of Clark heading down the hill
  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    8 Hunnewell Rd Worcester MA 01606, United States - Worcester
    Residents always put trash out days before pick up or they put items that aren't approved. Animals get into trash and it's left all over the road. There are bags of trash and other debris buried under snow as well as on top of it.
  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    556 Mill St Worcester, MA 01602, USA - Worcester
    trash all over the ground behind dumpster
  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    51 Wall St Worcester MA 01604, United States - Worcester
    Litter on sewer grate and stuff along the sidewalk
  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    1336–1374 Millbury St Worcester MA 01607, United States - Worcester
    People living in tents trash everywhere
  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    Belmont St + Skyline Dr Worcester, MA 01605, USA - Worcester
    abandoned homeless tent area
  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    3 Paul Clancy Way Worcester MA 01610, United States - Worcester
    Homeless encampment with considerable amount of trash
  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    166 Commonwealth Ave Worcester, MA 01604, USA - Worcester
    Trash along both sides of Jennings. From Commonwealth all the way to bus stop at Grafton St.
  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    57 Catharine St Worcester, MA 01605, USA - Worcester
    Early trash put out
  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    5 Schussler Rd Worcester, MA 01609, USA - Worcester
  • Litter ComplaintAcknowledged
    123 West Street Worcester, MA, 01609, USA - Worcester
    Trash bags and recycling left outside all the time.
    Ends up all over the place and animals get in them