City of Holyoke PLUS

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  • 16 School St Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Parked in a no parking zone, in front of a handicap spot. People do it often there, and shouldn’t. Maybe if ticketed they will all stop.
  • Beacon Ave & Nonotuck St Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Unregistered uninspected vehicle parked on Nonotuck St. plus one unregistered truck parked in driveway for over a year.
  • 37 Dale St Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Please tell the driver of Red's tow truck not to park on Dale / Hickory Streets! (he lives at 37 Dale). If a snowplow, sander or worse if a fire truck needed to get down the street they would be blocked by this truck.
  • Lower Westfield Rd Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Dogs out at Ashley Reservoir
  • 133-135 Beech Street Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    There is a lot of people on dirt bikes that are causing havoc between suffolk and dwight street on beech street. Muiltiple calls to the police department with no results or acknowledgement
  • 332 Cherry St Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Illegal parking all along Cherry Street near Bowden village people blatantly parking in front of no parking signs parking too close to the crosswalk so people can’t use the crosswalk safely parking too close to fire hydrants and yet nobody’s car is ever ticketed.It is up to the city to enforce these no parking it is there for a reason it is not an overflow parking lot for Bowden village
  • 94 Newton Street Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Cars being parked in the lot and being left there when the owners do not reside in Newton street. Vehicles are blocking one another in order to hide the license plates. This is consuming parking for other residents and is causing alot of arguments within the area of newton street.
  • 41 Bray Park Dr Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    There continues to be an issue with commercial dumpster being placed in the road on a residential street. Not only is it a safety hazard with vehicles, and children being able to climb in it, but it is also drawing a large number of birds. USA recycling also makes an abundance of noise when it arrived to dump contents into recycling truck anywhere from 1am- 6am. There are many ordinances in place that this is violating. Can someone please address this ASAP it has been going on for months and only neighbors seems to care. Thank you!
  • 615 Hampden Street Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    This van with South Carolina license plates has been in the same spot for 2 weeks. It’s parked 1-2 feet from the fire hydrant. It should be parked at least 10 feet from hydrant. Not sure if someone abandoned it since I haven’t seen anyone come in or out and it’s been in the same spot for 2 weeks.
  • 174 Homestead Avenue Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    This has been an issue for about 8 years. Former Mayer was going to fix problem. All water funneled to my driveway after sidewalk replaced by the city. Sidewalk slants towards my house and not the highway.
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    263 Locust St Holyoke MA 01040, United States - Holyoke
    I called the Mayors office to report the tree is leaning and holes are being dug out by animals on windy days branches are falling It's been 5 years ongoing trying to get the tree service to cut down the tree. 9 trees within a two block radius have been cut down I was told by the mayors office someone will come out to check the tree Thank you
    Mayor .. .
  • 123 Pine Street Holyoke, Massachusetts, 01040 - Holyoke
    There is a massive tree that is dead and dropping branches in front of 123 Pine St. When that tree falls there will be damage to cars or buildings or both. It needs to be removed.