City of Holyoke PLUS

Open Issues: 213 Closed Issues: 2,196 Acknowledged Issues: 16
  • 147 Sycamore Street Holyoke, Massachusetts, 01040 - Holyoke
    In front of the house 147 Sycamore St there is a collapsing sinking street drain. A cone was put over it a month ago but then the cone was removed, and nothing was done about it.
  • 185 Pine St Holyoke MA 01040, United States - Holyoke
    this tree is dead and branches keep falling onto the road and also onto peoples cars!
  • Main St Holyoke 01040, United States - Holyoke
    Large pot holes are forming at the very end of Main Street where it meets route 5.
  • 196-234 Northampton St Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Holyoke sign tagged with vulgar graffiti. Route 5 north of Delany House.
  • 2-98 Rock Valley Rd Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    If water and freezing is a problem with this section of Rock Valley Rd. Maybe packed gravel is the answer. West Cherry could be included
  • 193-269 Cherry St Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Deep crater when taking right turn from Homestead Ave onto Cherry St.
  • 176 Lincoln St Holyoke MA 01040, United States - Holyoke
    176 to 11 Lincoln St has dozens of potholes on both sides of the street and some span the entire lane They're getting worse by the day and need to be fixed immediately
  • 883 Homestead Avenue Holyoke, Massachusetts, 01040 - Holyoke
    Pavement around manhole needs to be repaired loud noise and house shakes 24-7 it's been over a year has to be addressed This is Ridiculous please don't ignore any longer can't take it anymore Higher up are gonna get E MAILS
  • 15 Scott Hollow Drive Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    The pavement around the manhole needs to be cut out and repaired at 887 Homestead Ave I've been waiting for over a year for this problem to get resolved constant noise 24 7 this is ridiculous you crew says it's not there job find someone to fix it
  • 883 Homestead Avenue Holyoke, Massachusetts, 01040 - Holyoke
    883 887 Homestead Ave pavement needs to be filled around manholes and on white line there is a deep hole fill it my house shakes all day all night on going problem please fix a year is to long fix these problems
  • W Franklin St & Linden St Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke

    These sewer drains are constantly covered with debris and if the neighborhood members don't clean it - it doesn't happen and 4 way intersection ends up flooding during heavy rain flow.

    This amount of waste also constantly clogs the very sensitive sewer system at this intersection and routine cleaning is done with what seems like very little return for the efforts done.

    Consider scheduling monthly cleanings for this high volume of waste over flow from heavy rain fall.

  • 131 Suffolk Street Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    At the Juvenile Court bldg, dead street tree. Across the street on Walnut is a heavily diseased tree as well.