City of Holyoke PLUS

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  • 33 Arthur St Holyoke, Massachusetts - Holyoke
    The city has taken this property due to taxes . The family was removed last month, Now the city owns this property you need to clean it up ! Yard is over grown grass is over tow feet high and the house smells like something died in side it. I live next door and have had my fill of this property you the city owns. If nothing is done and soon the other home owners and myself will seek legal action. Thank for your time,
    Tammy ans Carl Schmidt
    25 Arthur st
  • 85 Pearl Street Holyoke, MA 01040, United States of America - Holyoke
    Glass beer bottles rolling around in the street.
  • 30-34 Old Jarvis Avenue Holyoke, Massachusetts - Holyoke
    Vehicles constantly speeding down Old Jarvis as a cut-through. They are well over the speed limit and often have loud music playing. Need a stop sign on Old Jarvis at the intersection of Old Jarvis and Bassett, at the foot of the hill. Or, a permanent speed hump. Dangerous to the many walkers in the area and disruptive to the quiet neighborhood.
  • 4 Easthampton Rd Holyoke 01040, United States - Holyoke
    Lanes are not clearly marked. Both lanes of traffic think they have the right way. People don’t use signals due to lack of lanes being marked.
  • Hillside Ave Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke

    Speed bumps and/or more stop signs NEEDED on Hillside Ave between Woods Ave and Cherry St.

    Speed limit is routinely ignored at all hours of the day. Residents and pedestrians on this street are frequently at risk, particularly the families with children. (Additionally, there are several families w/special needs children.)

    A vehicular tragedy will most certainly occur on this street if measures of some kind are not taken.

  • 133 Suffolk Street Holyoke, MA 01040, United States of America - Holyoke
    Frequent Speeding Down Suffolk Street between Chesnut & Pine.
    A white truck went so fast down & close down Suffolk St. (toward Pine), a neighbor's car alarm went off & it may have been side-swiped. Cars constantly speed down this roadway & it is extremely dangerous to the pedestrians & other vehicles on the road. Please contact DPW and/or the PD, because someone is going to get hurt.
  • 74-76 Newton St Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Serious Drug Activity
  • 69 Pearl Street Holyoke, MA 01040, United States of America - Holyoke
    2 am. Found more beer bottles rolling around in the street today also.
  • 50 Pearl St Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Bud Light plastic beer cups littering up and down the gutter and streets. Also graffiti on the poles again. Please clean. Partying mostly on weekend nights between 10 pm and 3 am. Not sure which address.
  • 83 Pearl St Holyoke 01040, United States - Holyoke
    Sidewalks have not been cleared on all four corners to allow residents to cross the sidewalk without climbing over large snow piles. Needs to be fixed ASAP. People are now required to walk in the road.
  • Crosier Field - Holyoke
    Just wondering how legal it is to have people park on Northampton Street for events at Crosier Field. If you're driving north & want to turn right onto Beech you have to sit through a few lights in the straight lane due to cars parked & blocking the turn lane. Can anything be done? Can't people use the sides streets & walk?
  • 79 Pearl St Holyoke 01040, United States - Holyoke
    Multiple cars parked on the street with expired inspection stickers.