City of Holyoke PLUS

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  • 50 Pearl St Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Bud Light plastic beer cups littering up and down the gutter and streets. Also graffiti on the poles again. Please clean. Partying mostly on weekend nights between 10 pm and 3 am. Not sure which address.
  • Laurel Street Holyoke, Massachusetts - Holyoke
    There have been two accidents that we know of on Laurel Street since we moved here in July of 2018. Yesterday, a truck was flipped over outside my house. Many drivers treat Laurel like a drag racing strip. Laurel needs speed humps or constant strict speed enforcement. Thank you.
  • 69-71 Pearl St Holyoke 01040, United States - Holyoke
  • 69-71 Pearl St Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Trash all over the street. The Party Boys have been out again all night, setting off fireworks and throwing garbage on the tree belt and in the street. When does street sweeping begin please is it March?
  • I-91 S Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Went for a hike yesterday to Mt Tom and was disgraced by the number of men “parked” on the side of the access road waiting for a sexmate. This is a family site and not the best topic a parent wants to explain to their 10 year old. My husband was riding his bike there and was almost attacked by a man who had just picked up a female prostitute. He was very angry at my husband for “interrupting” them. Holyoke police please start patrolling this area and addressing this lewd behavior
  • Shawmut Ave Holyoke, Massachusetts - Holyoke
    Unsafe icy sidewalk at Mansir Printing Snow plowed up onto sidewalk, Not safe for kids walking to school
  • 53–85 Pearl St Holyoke 01040, United States - Holyoke
    Dog walkers along Pearl Street have been putting dog feces inside trash barrels left for city collection. Our trash barrels are now filled with maggots. I called Board of Health to ask if this was illegal and I got “I don’t know” for an answer.
  • St Kolbe Dr & Walnut St Holyoke, MA, 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Moved in to my new condo 5 months ago. I have now been woken up by the neighbors fighting 11 times. All events were after 11:00pm, most after midnight or 1:00am. I filed complaints with the property management and they told me to start calling to police. I have even left a letter for the neighbors kindly asking them to please stop.
    My concern about calling the police is that by the time they arrive the fight could be over. Sometimes they fight off and on for 2-3 hours. The last fight went until 3:00am.
    I am looking for advice on what to do. Should I still call the police even if there’s a chance the fighting will stop? I’d kind of like the neighbors to know how serious of an issue this has become.
    Thank you
  • 1140 Northampton St Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    this house never clears their sidewalk. VERY DANGEROUS HAVING TO WALK ON THE ROAD!!!
  • 48 Fairfield Avenue Holyoke, MA 01040, United States of America - Holyoke
    Cars blocking the street
  • 322–348 Jarvis Ave Holyoke 01040, United States - Holyoke
    Constant trash being left by the side of the road by tenants/visitors to Jarvis Heights Apts. Have reported the issue to multiple offices including mayor and management. Nothing is being done.
  • 87-89 Pearl St Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Yellow Pages of Greater Springfield drivers cruise around and fling these things out the car window, littering sidewalks all over the neighborhood. I've "opted out" 4 times yet they're still doing it. Please fine them for littering like any of us would be. 800-929-3556