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  • Code violationAcknowledged
    1-99 Paris St Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    I belive there to be a violation of plumbing code as will as a fire hazard with a furnace and expansion tank on the second floor of a home.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    123 Farmington Cir Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Your/our brand new curbs damaged due to work dumpster at 124 Farmington. Did the work have permits? Heard not. Pic of dumpster company available.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    Rafaelle Rd Marlborough - Marlborough
    This is a property that many kids and folks walking dogs, etc walk by on a daily basis. It appears as if it's been practically abandoned, with the grass looking higher than 2 feet. It must be a breeding ground for all kinds of bugs and ticks, and it is just disgusting to look at. The homeowners are hardly ever around, even dropping them a note didn't seem to work.
  • unsecured poolAcknowledged
    90 Howland St Marlborough, MA, 01752, USA - Marlborough
    There is a pool with water complete with ladder that is completely open to the sidewalk and Street. This poses a danger for any child that chooses to climb into the ladder and into the pool. This is dangerous and illegal. This should not be allowed and is a major hazard. Especially in this hot summer this is a temptation for children and should be removed immediately. This is across the street from the school bus drop off and pick up and also close to the Boys and Girls club.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    191-203 W Hill Rd Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Snow plow destroyed our and our neighbor's mailboxes on 3/13. Please contact us as to repair. Andrea Erickson and Anthony Smith
  • 354 Williams St Marlborough, MA, 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Uneven road surface causing undue bottoming out of cars going over it. Not good for front end suspension. Has been like this for at least 18 years since I've moved to Marlborough. There is dip in the road where it appears there were 2 manholes, presently only 1 manhole. From the pic the road surface was paved just short of the manhole and the manhole itself is sunken in.
  • 391 Farm Rd Marlborough, MA, 01752, USA - Marlborough
    I live on Farm road. For the longest time I keep hearing this loud alarm screatching sounding. I talked to my other neighbors and they also didn't know where it was coming from. Found out 391 farm has this noice coming from the pool. It's so loud hurts my kids ears. Can't sleep. Please help
  • 54 Evelina Dr Marlborough, MA, 01752, USA - Marlborough
    The older portion of Evelina Dr has been deteriorating for years and because of on going infrastructure problems its condition worsens and is ignored. There are a lot of elderly on that portion of Evelina. I went out to get my parents mail Saturday and rolled my ankle because yet another piece of pavement broke off underfoot. My parents are both disabled my mother recently blind, and my father 100% disabled Vet. If that were one of them there would have been injury to report.
  • OtherAcknowledged
    20 Devens St Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    Face of wooden step has fallen forward with rusty nails exposed
  • 91 Main St Marlborough, MA, 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Stairs behind Vin Bin need attention. Hand rail at top of stairs is falling off.
  • Ripley Ave Marlborough, MA, 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Entire Stretch of Sandini Road, Ripley Avenue and McGee Avenue is covered with hot top debris, rocks and sand leftover from the Eversource Gas Line Project. Please send the Street Sweeper to clean the streets. Thanks!
    NOTE: This was requested back on June 13, 2019 and the issue #6021459 was closed without being addressed. Still waiting for the Street Sweeper to clean up the debris. The streets in the entire neighborhood are a mess!
  • BlightAcknowledged
    150 West Hill Road marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Home and property look as though have not been maintained for a very long time. Vehicle has been sitting with flat tire for many months, paint peeling, weeds growing into trees in the front yard. The property looks abandoned or that someone there is ill, the vehicles never leave the driveway. Maybe a wellness check is in order? Something. Looks very creepy and not in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood.