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City of Marlborough

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  • 130 Newton St Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    pavement has eroded to point that grate has sunk 4 to 5 inches. this is at end of my driveway and I fear my car's wheel will get caught in the hole if it gives way.
  • 34 Nicholas Cir Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
  • Sink holeAcknowledged
    West Main Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Storm drain large hole
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    27 Washington St Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    People continue to dump tires on Washington St. Now one was rolled to devens st. Could cause an accident.
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    505 Boston Post Road West, Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Luce Brothers continues to be the number one offender in over-flowing their trash dumpster. They now have moved their placement of their trash dumpster, however have failed to clean up the mess they have left behind which all over in my yard, not to mention an eye sore. Will post each picture individually. Please follow up with them. I do not feel that I should be responsible for cleaning up their polluting waste. They should be embarrassed for not being mindful, respectful and more 'green' by recycling what they don't use vs dismissing it all into a landfill.
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    116 Worster Drive Marlborough Ma - Marlborough
    Neighbor repeatedly leaving yard debris curbside - this is happening every fall, spring and summer! Her landscaper will not remove without extra fee - he did us a favor once -
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    49-55 Rice St Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    58 Gibbon St Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    Looks like people moved and left their trash
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    1 Ferrecchia Dr Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Tree brush dumped along side walk
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    336 East Main St Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Someone 2 days in a row has been illegally using the Association's dumpsters to dump construction debris. Photos taken today 2/25/2015.
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    48 And 52 Devens Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Illegal dumping on shared driveway and in the back of the house.
  • Illegal DumpingAcknowledged
    51 Washington St Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    this toilet has been here for months, I have reported it multiple times. people have no respect for their neighborhood.