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  • SidewalksAcknowledged
    101-199 Ferrecchia Dr Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Fallen tree over sidewalk.
  • SidewalksAcknowledged
    47-109 Neil Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    As reported two weeks ago, a couch, a wet and soggy one now, had been on the sidewalk in front of 111 Howe Street for over a month. Is it that difficult to have this unsightly thing removed?
    Thank you
  • Traffic SignalAcknowledged
    45-55 Hildreth St Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    One of the lights is turned facing the wrong direction, causing conflicting red/green signals for Hildreth St.
  • Traffic SignalAcknowledged
    488-500 Farm Rd Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    School zone lights continue to not work (I reported this via phone back in December). I believe the AM/PM is set incorrectly, as I drove by the other night and the lights were flashing.
  • Traffic SignalAcknowledged
    463-475 Boston Post Road West Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    When taking a left onto Hayes Memorial Dr from Boston Post Rd W the left turn lane used to have a flashing yellow light when the lanes heading into Northborough had a green light. Now it is a solid red left turn arrow when the West bound lanes have a green, is it possible to switch this back to a flashing left turn yellow as I sit end up sitting at the light for a full cycle when it's 100% clear, it slows down the commute unnecessarily. Thank you.
  • Traffic SignsAcknowledged
    78-88 Greenwood St Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    The dead end sign on Greenwood should be on the other side of the road, or have to for extra emphasis. Current sign showing to be ineffective based upon conversations with neighbors at the end of Greenwood.
  • Williams St / Deerfield Run Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    The STOP and Street Sign for Deerfield Run was knocked down. Needs to be put back in place.
  • Traffic SignsAcknowledged
    300 Bigelow St Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    There is a stop sign at the bottom of a hill where Bigelow Street and Evelina Drive intersect. Due to the angle of the hill and the speed people travel on Bigelow many people run the stop sign. A stop ahead sign is imperative to warn drivers to stop at the bottom of the hill. This would keep motorists safe that are trying to pull out onto Bigelow Street from Evelina Drive. Thank you for taking the safety of Marlborough residents seriously in this matter as one sign will greatly decrease the risk for accidents at this location.
  • Traffic SignsAcknowledged
    40 Chase Road Marlborough, MA 01752, United States of America - Marlborough
    Noticed at 10:40 am 12/15/17
  • Tree IssueAcknowledged
    137 Naugler Ave Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    There is a large, very dead tree between 137 Naugler Ave and the intersection with Turmaine St. It has several large branches directly over the sidewalk and road.
  • Tree IssueAcknowledged
    88 Stetson Dr Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    These trees always bend down to partially block road. They should be cut down. The trees are located in street right of way. Property may be city owned.
  • Tree IssueAcknowledged
    162 Clover Hill St Marlboro - Marlborough
    Branch is hitting my motorhome when traveling on clover hill st. Right in front of stone shed/garage. 162 Clover hill st, Marlborough. Thanks