Town of Grafton PLUS

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  • 31 Ferry St South Grafton, MA, 01560, USA - Grafton
    2 abandoned vehicles, access road is English Row
  • Rose Ln Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton
    been sitting in road for close to a month. causing traffic issues on road. car has no plates
  • 47 Worcester Street Grafton, MA, 01519, USA - Grafton
    skunk + fox dead in road, skunk on the side and fox in the center
  • 29-99 Chestnut St Town of Grafton, MA, 01519, USA - Grafton
  • 34 Adams Rd Grafton, MA, 01519, USA - Grafton

    There is still standing water on the road every time it rains or snows. You can see
    the picture from today attached of the water. It’s pooling on the road. Some of the water is not reaching the drain due to leveling of the roadway.

    During low temperatures it freezes and could cause an accident, especially more so now because the new pavement and cars are driving faster on the road.

  • 7 Waterville St Grafton, MA 01536, USA - Grafton
    sand, gravel and rock run-off after heavy rains
  • 4 Virginia Cir Grafton MA 01519, United States - Grafton
    There appears to be what looks like either the start of a beaver dam or downed tree in the runoff stream adjacent to the houses on Virginia Circle
  • GraffitiAcknowledged
    15 Seaver Farm Ln South Grafton, MA, 01560, USA - Grafton
    There is a basketball court drawn onto the residential street.
  • 80 North Main Street Grafton MA - Grafton

    Please is there something the town can do to give notice to the residence of 80 North Main St. To clean up the disposable dumpster that’s been overflowing in their parking lot for several years and this personal landfill is only growing.

    it’s an eyesore, I’m sure there are creatures living in it & it is right on Main Street and it’s a bad impression of our town. We almost didn’t move into this town because when we saw this we were wondering how many other houses are causing public hazards and what other people are not being held accountable to clean up their mess.

    This dumping spot on their land overlaps onto the public sidewalk & brings property value down for the homes around it.

    We want to live in a town that has high standards, hold people accountable for normal care & upkeep for their property.

    Thank you taking the time to read this text.

  • 203 Providence Rd South Grafton 01519, United States - Grafton
    Right at the power lines. One side of the road has a box of equipment. The other side has a bunch of pallets. These have been here 3 weeks so I am quite stunned that no police or dpw have addressed this yet.
  • 16/18 Blackberry Lane Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton

    Plastic bags (blue and pink in color) containing newspapers are regularly being dropped off between 16/18 Blackberry Lane. There are no names or addresses on the bags or the newspapers, and residents of 16 and 18 have confirmed they did not order newspaper delivery.

    Residents of both properties want this unwanted littering to stop.

  • Cross Street Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton
    Trash and unknown, would dispose of it if I had an easy way. Side of road towards river on corner of cross and main st.