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Town of Westwood, MA

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  • 60 Walker Road Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood
    No street lights; extremely dark road. Can anyone add a new street light or lantern on this road. Thank you.
  • 1-299 Thatcher St Westwood, MA, 02090, USA - Westwood
    Street light out, second one on Thatcher near Clapboardtree.
  • 248-282 Nahatan St Westwood, MA, 02090, USA - Westwood
    Streetlight is severely bent and needs to be adjusted.
  • High And Gay Street Intersection Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood
    Please change the pedestrian walk signal timing. If it is pressed while High Street traffic is going, the signal does not change for 3 cycles (the end of the High Street traffic, then Gay Street/P.O. traffic and then a whole second round of High Street traffic. This is way too long for anyone to wait -- and encourages crossing without the light.
  • 02090 Westwood, MA, USA - Westwood

    Upon reviewing the "Traffic Rules and Orders" (Schedule No. 3: Isolated Stop Signs), I have noticed there are so many incorrect roads and even an incorrect location for one. The list below shows the corrections needed.

    - Beechnut St & Oriole St : should be Beechnut Rd & Oriole Rd
    - Cashman Ave & Pond St : should be Eastman Rd & Pond St
    - Burke St & Stern St : should be Burke St & Stearns St
    - Blue Hill Drive & University Drive : should be Blue Hill Dr & University Ave
    - Glacier Ave & Wilson Way : should be Glacier Dr & Wilson Way
    - Fisher St & French St (Eastbound) : no stop sign here, there should not be one, not sure why this is inputted into Schedule No. 3
    - Lassalle Rd & Winter St : should be Lasalle Rd & Winter St
    - Gay St & Washington St : there is a traffic signal at this intersection, no stop sign, shouldn't be in schedule No. 3
    - Ramp from Rt 128 S & Blue Hill Drive : no longer exists, no stop sign.
    - Ramp from Rt 128 N & Blue Hill Drive : no longer exists, no stop sign.
    - two inputs for Smith Dr & East St: this is only one intersection and only has one stop sign. Duplicate input into the schedule No 3 should be removed
    - Well Ave & Pond St : should be Wells Ave & Pond St
    - Wellington St & Colburn St : should be Wellington Dr & Colburn St
    - Wellington St & Wagon Rd : should be Wellington Dr & Wagon Rd

    Thank you in advance for looking into addressing these issues.

  • bridgeAcknowledged
    East Street Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood
    Saw the bridge accidents on the news. Suggest putting up poles with same height barrier over the street before the bridge. The bridge is too late for a sign about low clearance. People need the impact before the bridge. Insurance companies would probably gladly pay for it. Worth a try.