City of Brockton, MA PLUS

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  • business harassmentĐược thừa nhận
    839 Main Street Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 4
    councilors (Susan N) and clerks office harassing business owner for invoices and much more.
  • OtherĐược thừa nhận
    830 Oak St Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 7
    Guy panhandling outside Cumbys and Madrid Square. He's holding what looks like a newborn trying to garner sympathy from passing cars in the heat and rain. He's there during the day.
  • Loose wire hanging from poleĐược thừa nhận
    12 Overlook Avenue Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301 - Ward 7
    There is a loose wire hanging from the telephone pole located between 12 Overlook Ave and 37 May Ave. It does not appear to be electricity, it looks like a cable wire?? It should be removed.
  • Dog WalkersĐược thừa nhận
    16-98 Teele St Brockton, MA, 02302, USA - Ward 5
    Can we get a couple of dog waste stations installed at the entrance to the field on Teele Street? Everyone walks their dogs and just lets them poop everywhere knowing that kids still play in the park and a soccer team uses the field regularly. It's quite disgusting that NO ONE cleans up after their dogs.
  • 819 Pearl Street Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301 - Ward 3
    I have a dead tree in my yard and it is our understanding that the City will only remove the limbs directly over the sidewalk and roadway that jeopardize public spaces. Chunks of the the dead tree have fallen recently ( on the grass) and I worry about pedestrians who use the sidewalk. I do not have funds to cut down the tree which is on my property at this time. Please help.
  • Street Sweeping NeededĐược thừa nhận
    72 Boyle Road Brockton, Massachusetts, 02302 - Ward 6
    Landscapers left blown grass on the street in front of my house.
  • OtherĐược thừa nhận
    North Quincy St And Gladys Rd Brockton, MA 02302, USA - Ward 6
    2 Manholes at the intersection on Gladys and North Quincy st need to be raised up. they are a hazzard and can ruin a truck
  • 7 Bryant St Brockton, MA, 02302, USA - Ward 5
    Due to recent StormLight Pole is leaning on property as well on the wires!
  • 196 North Quincy Street Brockton, MA, 02302, USA - Ward 6
    I thought roosters were not permitted in Brockton.
    This rooster crows nonstop, morning, noon and night.
    Please remove.
  • 1032 Main Street Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 4
    The large sign at the private parking lot opposite Defto's Liquors is a metal skeleton. ARTICLE XIV -SIGN CONTROL, SEC. 27-68, Maintenance and Repair "...every sign should be maintained.......the superintendent of buildings should require its removal." This only detracts from the neighborhood.
  • 93 Centre Street Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301 - Ward 2
    They are doing over the building and they are now just piling up debris on the ground. They have gray water running into the sewer drain that looks clogged up on the east side of the building. I’m sure that’s an environmental hazard.
  • 230 Belmont Street Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 2
    I think a telephone/Internet wire is down, part of it is laying on the ground. Thank you.