City of Brockton, MA PLUS

Open Issues: 217 Closed Issues: 16,763 Acknowledged Issues: 132
  • 436 Warren Ave Brockton MA 02301, United States - Ward 2
    Large building structure built in rear of property on property line without a permit
  • 39 Searles Place Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 7
    The property owner (William Akerblom) states the abutting property at 45 Martland built a shed 6" away from the property line, violating the city ordinance.
  • Pearl St & Mill St Conn Rd Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 3
    Wires on ground at utility pole, road work
  • Damaged PropertyAcknowledged
    15 Troy Street Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 1
    There are city trees dropping debris onto my house and clogging my gutter making the gutters purpose useless. Please come out to trim whatever tree limbs necessary so this doesn’t continue to happen. Thank you for your help.
  • Damaged PropertyAcknowledged
    178 Riverview Street Brockton, MA, 02302, USA - Ward 4
    This fence belong to the owner of 56 Snell ave, brockton. The fence fell due to the storm about 2 months ago. The owner is refusing to replace the fence.
  • Damaged PropertyAcknowledged
    35 Ash St Brockton MA 02301, United States - Ward 1
  • 297 Montello Street Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 2
    Tents under trees Salisbury Park. Appears that the occupants have been there for quite some time. Minimum of 3 weeks.
  • 15 Winslow Avenue Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 7
  • 353 Pleasant Street Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301 - Ward 1
    Rooster at this address. Isn’t there a noise ordinance?!?!? Rooster is making noise early in the am. Not to mention having chickens in the city. There is a mattress and types of trash around this house! How are they allowed?
  • 02301 Brockton, MA, USA - Ward 7
    Possibly. 15 Winslow ave or vicinity. Rooster in the neighborhood waking me up too early in the morning
  • 95 Fairview Ave Brockton, MA 02301, USA - Ward 1
    it's now a through road
    people are speeding up this road
    dirt bikes with no helmets as well
    there are alot of kids on bikes and runners.
    it's only a matter off time. before something happens.
    can you place a digital speed clock on this road to show people how fast they are speeding.
  • Fire Alarm BoxAcknowledged
    53 Colonial Ter Brockton, MA, 02301, USA - Ward 2
    "Fire" sign for the box on pole #5 is almost completely faded out. BPD Linkup Detail.