Winter Storm #Saturn PLUS

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  • 2 Pond Circle Boston, MA - Jamaica Plain
    Snow Shoveling of walk, driveway
  • Shoveling helpAcknowledged
    238 Pond Street Boston, MA - Jamaica Plain
    Elderly couple can't manage.
  • 42 Louder'S Lane Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    help remove snow in front of car in driveway (toyota Prius '04) on the road side only
  • 6 Castleton Street Boston, MA - Mission Hill
    Hi, Last storm, you did shovel me out. I need it again. I am at 6 Castleton Street, Green VW Cabrio 2001. I wish I could do it myself and/or help others but I am recovering from shoulder surgery. Thank you so much. How can I repay you? Last time no one would take any money. Is there a donation box or something? Thank you, Carolyn