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  • Abandoned VehiclesAcknowledged
    7 Leonard St Albany, New York - Second Avenue
    Car has been in lot next to abandon house for over 3 years and have never seen anyone trying to move or fix it in that time.
  • Abandoned VehiclesAcknowledged
    1110 Madison Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    Not enough bike racks to allow abandoned bicycles to remain.
  • Washington Park Rd Albany, NY 12210, USA - Albany
    a blue Yamaha motorcycle has been parked in the second spot in Washington Park for weeks, with nary a ticket to be found. parking is already limited enough, and any car left abandoned would surely be ticketed or towed.
  • Abandoned VehiclesAcknowledged
    105 Manning Blvd Albany, NY 12203, USA - Lancaster
    black BMW hasn't moved in months
  • Abandoned VehiclesAcknowledged
    Rear Of 456-466 Delaware Avenue Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    There are at least 20 vehicles give or take on, around and in back of this property with no plates. Some are missing parts. This property is zoned C1 residential and the zoning board determined a few years ago that this property could not be used for this type of use. There are also drums of car waste being stored on the property in back of the building. I have attached one photo, I have others..
  • 88 Glendale Ave Albany, New York - Helderberg
    The vehicle is located on the east side of the "T" where Glendale ends at the Albany Academy fence line.
  • Abandoned VehiclesAcknowledged
    47 Columbia St Albany, NY 12207, USA - Sheridan Hollow
    The green car has been parked here for almost 2 weeks. the tires are deflated and someone scrawled profanities all over the vehicle. And now a new car has been parking behind it.
    Several people have witnessed drug interactions between the owners of the vehicles and random riff raff.
    When will the city finally address it?
    This is a parking area where people use early in the am. and late in the evening. The owner of the green Subaru had made threats to bystanders who comment on his illegal parking.
    This is not the first complaint about this.
  • 121 Kenosha St Albany, NY 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    Black Chrysler 300 has been parked between 117-121 Kenosha St. for 2-3 weeks. Owner could not be located. Car is currently in violation of alternate parking law.
  • Abandoned VehiclesAcknowledged
    60 Spring St Albany 12210, United States - Central Avenue
    This vehicle has expired registration and has been parked in the lot at 60 Spring St for years.
  • Abandoned VehiclesAcknowledged
    14 Fullerton St Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
  • Abandoned VehiclesAcknowledged
    2 Lindbergh Ave Albany 12204, United States - North Albany-Shaker Park
    Two boats have been parked here for over two months. We have opposite side parking every day and the boats don’t move. It also is dangerous being by broadway and cars that turn up lindbergh Ave have to stop if another car is coming down
  • Abandoned VehiclesAcknowledged
    Catherine Street Albany, New York - Albany
    there are always 3-4 vehicles parked alongside the south side of Catherine St. at the intersection of Hawk St. headed down the hill. I commute this way to work every day and they are blocking the view of the intersection and make it difficult for cars turning up Catherine St. from Hawk St. to make the turn if cars are coming down Catherine St. these cars are not running - some of them have flat tires. I believe they are from Jamalaye Auto down the street. I also think the intersection should be a 4-way stop street - there is no stop sign for Hawk St. and the amount of cars parked near this intersection make it nearly impossible to see cars coming in either direction. very dangerous!!