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  • 100-200 Carolina Street Vallejo California - Vallejo

    I just walked the south sidewalk of the 100 & 200 blocks of Carolina Street and counted (on only one side, of only two blocks) seven vehicles with expired or missing license plates. What a sad example of the complete neglect of the rules of civilized society in our city.

    In that same area, there are city touts out daily ticketing vehicles for overstaying artificially created and barely justified limited parking zones, while vehicles with no legal right to be on our streets, and no certifiable evidence of their safety on the road, are allowed to drive and park without regard. Are we being governed by a city government enforcing the law, or organized criminals, favoring their cohorts, and enforcing a protection racket on everyone else?

  • 555 Santa Clara Street Vallejo California - Vallejo

    Before SeeClickFix existed, if a citizen saw something that needed fixing, they had to roam City Hall looking for a department title that seemed to fit their need. This web site offered a one-stop solution to that problem: click once here, describe the problem, and the appropriate department would get the message - problem solved.

    These days, that isn't working very well. Often a posting gets ping-ponged around from department to department for days. Other times a hard working department reports that it is clearing up the recurring mess caused by the problem, but doesn't or can't address the cause. Others have a standard response explaining that they lack the resources or the manpower to answer a problem promptly - or ever! Most egregious, and far too often, are the cases that explain that only the police department can address a problem, and giving contact details.

    SeeClickFix is being applied as a self-selection, one-stop-shopping site for citizens. This is fine, but a quick read of a single day's postings shows that SeeClickFix could be a significant source of crime prevention intelligence to our City Council, senior City Managers, and to city agencies, like the police department, that do not subscribe to, nor respond to SeeClickFix postings.

    We need a more intelligent mechanism to prioritize, group, and direct cases to appropriate managers and agencies, and manage feedback. Typical causes for action might include:

    * Apparently targeted and recurring illegal dumping over a long time period, at close-by locations, or routes (suggesting regular drive-by dumping by a professional hauler.).

    * Indications of serious criminal behavior co-incident with close by, but otherwise unrelated property, or street maintenance reports (such drug sales, and prostitution associated with poorly maintained rental property).

    * Otherwise unrelated SeeClick Fix cases where complainants state they have previously made postings, or police reports but have seen no response (due to unintended, but systemic neglect of poorer, or more diverse neighborhoods).

  • 1745 Sonoma Blvd Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    properties on either side of my house are I'll maintained, structurally and are run by slum landlord companies, including rpm. Rats, termites and unsanitary houses. Those are not the issue. No. I went down to the city manager office and asked who was responsible. The Filipina in charge told me she was "so" sorry and said to call the county. I asked her where the code enforcement officer was and she looked surprised, pretending to ask others where that was. I strolled over to another area, where 15 businessmen were excitedly cutting some kind of huge deal in this forgotten city in the planning office, with the guy behind the desk assuring them they could "avoid the codes." I asked him what codes And Everybody GOT QUIET. I went to another department and asked where the mayor's office was, as I now saw the rats nest was here at City Hall. I was told the mayor's office is never open. I took a picture of the mayor's door with a sign saying the office does not open. There is an article bragging that the mayor is a descendant of a very corrupt politician and that his family now "owns" Vallejo, ca. here is that article
  • Entire City Vallejo California - Vallejo

    According to our City Manager's bi-weekly report, recent Fire Department calls were for:

    EMS Calls... 75%
    Good Intent (non-malicious) false alarm calls... 11%
    (Malicious) False Alarm calls... 4%
    Vehicle Accidents... 3%
    Service Call (none of the above)... 3%
    Fire.. 2%
    Non-fire Hazards... 2%
    Grass Fire... <1%

    Together, emergency fire, non-fire, and rescue activity accounts for less than 10% of all our "fire" department activity, while medical "emergencies" are over 75%.

    Yet all of our fire department and equipment are configured for fire fighting operations, so that calls for medical attention (emergency or otherwise, often simply a sick person unable to get to their doctor's office or hospital) are routinely serviced by a fully equipped fire engine and crew, even by (in my neighborhood, at least) a hook-and-ladder truck!.

    At the same time our city has contracts with a private contractor for delivery of ambulance and onsite EMS services. Again, in my neighborhood at least, the private ambulance often arrives before or simultaneously with fire service vehicles. Fire personnel stand around watching the EMS personnel service the patient and load them into the ambulance.

    I am neither a city services expert, nor a statistician, but I do see that when one of the most expensive city departments is fully equipped and staffed to handle 8-10% of its job responsibilities, while spending 75% or more doing something entirely different, while an entirely different, singularly specialized, profit-making company is paid to do the very same thing, there just may be the possibility of re-structuring to both improve service to the citizen, along with achieving cost savings to the tax payer.

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    555 Santa Clara Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    Issue: All of the Above

    Enough is enough! If I reported a burglary, would a response of: "We came, and tidied up the furniture. Case closed" be satisfactory?

    City Council members have to get the point that "Public Works has an illegal dumping team" or "We patrolled this area" (during daytime business hours) or "Officer has now been assigned to inspect the possible violation(s)" or "a case number has been assigned" do not FIX the problems reported here. They just clean up the mess -- and YES, our city employees do a great job of cleaning up the mess -- but they are just clearing a space for the dumpers, campers, vandals, and druggies to come back and commit the same crimes again, knowing that they face little or no prospect of apprehension or punishment for those crimes. We need proper interdisciplinary programs to apprehend the violators, and a triage system to provide:

    * Care for those who are truly need it

    * Education for those who are unknowingly doing the wrong thing, and

    * Punishment for those who uncaringly, or for profit, defile or city, and the homes of its citizens.

    If city management and senior staff do not understand or appreciate these needs, then they need urgently to be re-educated, or replaced.

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    66 Benicia Rd Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    Question; process for Community Member working with the City of Vallejo to discourage (by writing citizen parking ticket) persons from parking on "wrong side" of street? This is a dangerous practice that impacts both pedestrians and other drivers. This particular parking area of concern is Cypress Street, between Benicia Road and Beach Street.
  • 1000 Castlewood Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Black van, possible homeless living in the van, likes to walk around the van at night, dogs in the area constantly barking at him at 1-4 am might be on drugs, leaves back door and driver doors open. Has windows boarded up.
  • 1401 Enterprise St Vallejo, CA - Vallejo
    Huge RV in business district. They ignore us when we ask them to leave and local businesses have been having break ins and we feel they might be apart of it.
  • 151 Kathy Ellen Dr Vallejo 94591, United States - Vallejo
    This wrecked vehicle has been reported to VPD two months ago but has not been sited or picked up.
    Now homeless are living in car and garbage builds up around from it including dirty used syringes. Please help get this to the department that cares to get this shooting galley off Vallejo streets. Kathy Ellen Drive.
  • 253 Bennett Ave Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    we have several conditions going on first illegal dumping along 5th Street abandoned and or homeless living in RV at two locations gas cans BBQ Pits generators all along sidewalks next to RV
  • 618 Florida Street @ Sonoma Vallejo, CA - Vallejo
    This car has been parked in the SAME PLACE on the street WITHOUT PLATES OR RESISTRATION for way over a YEAR!!!
  • James River Road Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    There are overgrown weeds in the vacant lot halfway down the block on the right side. We used to be able to walk our dogs through that lot up onto Old Glen Cove Road but cannot any longer because of the weeds. I don’t know who owns the property. The weeds are into the sidewalk now.