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  • 3919-3963 1st St Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    Neighbor cut down trees and contractor left debris and mud on the road. Intersection of Summerfield Dr and Blackwatch. Home located at 215 Summerfield Dr.
  • 10679 Haynes Bridge Rd Alpharetta 30022, United States - Alpharetta
    Trash in road
  • 405 Banbury Crossing Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    mud, debris in parking areas and street, nails in car tires. contractors not cleaning up after themselves. i get the rain and mud, but if work is done in mud, needs to be cleaned up. as well as debris. thx
  • 110 Wills Rd Alpharetta 30009, United States - Alpharetta
    There is a dead possum on Wills Rd at Mid Broadwell
  • 1130 Upper Hembree Rd Roswell, GA 30076, USA - Alpharetta
    2 dead squirrels in road in front of 1130/1140 Hembree Rd
  • 10516-10528 Waters Rd Alpharetta, GA, 30022, USA - Alpharetta
    Dead turtle in road by bridge on Waters
  • 3598 Old Milton Pkwy Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    Dead animal in middle of eastbound Old Milton Parkway
  • 3905 Park Brooke Dr Alpharetta, GA 30022, USA - Alpharetta
    Dead animal in southbound lane of Kimball Bridge just before Park Brooke Dr
  • Greenway IssueAcknowledged
    38400-43853 Mill Creek Ave Alpharetta, GA, 30022, USA - Alpharetta
    I have lived in the subdivision called Palisades at Milton Park for almost 15 years. During that time I have passed by the pretty lake many times, either on foot or in a car. The lake remains at an extremely low level even though we have had an unusually large amount of rain over the past several months. If you look at the watermarks on the base of the bridge going over to the little island, you will be able to see how far it is down. I strongly believe that there must be a drainage problem. The retention pond on the far side seems to be always full. The man with the kayak who has many times in the past come by to check the overall condition of the lake hasn’t been there in eons. Please check on our lake before it dries up or becomes so shallow that the livelihood of the many fish and turtles living there is jeopardized. Thank you.
    Martha Pierce
  • Drainage IssueAcknowledged
    1060 Creek Ridge Pointe Alpharetta/Fulton, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Massive silt / dirt runoff from Shirley Estates retention ponds into Lake Windward. Can someone confirm if the Shirley Estates retention ponds are working properly?
  • Drainage IssueAcknowledged
    2085 Park Glenn Dr Alpharetta 30005 United States - Alpharetta
    For years there has been discussions with you, the City of Alpharetta, over the grading of the road that leads directly to our home and I can finally say that our partially-finished basement has flooded and our new flooring ruined. Success! Why have you not done anything to prevent this? I have a double lip on my driveway apron, French drains, and sandbags to help with the excessive water flow that races downhill and enters my yard and driveway prior to making its way to the improperly placed storm drain. All you’ve done is survey the slope and say it’s adequate to handle the runoff. Insurance will not cover damage from runoff. Now, I’m stuck with the bill for remediation, repair and rebuild. Maybe you can come out again and take another survey. This could have been prevented.
  • Drainage IssueAcknowledged
    4601-4615 Webb Bridge Rd Alpharetta, GA, 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    Driving west on Webb Bridge Rd, at the Greenway, before the high school, the sewer smell is horrible. I only drive by there and I can't have my windows down. I can't imagine living there or trying to use the Greenway!!!! It has had a horrific smell all week!!