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  • Cumming Atreeto Alpharetta, GA - Alpharetta
    Road is sinking and coming apart around water main cover on cumming street in the west bound lane in front of Manning Oaks Elementary. It really needs to be fixed because could cause damage to a cars underside.
  • 335 Rossiter Ridge Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    The curb at our mailbox is crumbling and it is causing a crack to form in our driveway.
  • Alpharetta 30022 United States - Alpharetta
    Pot hole on one of the left turn lanes on northbound mansell exit. Super deep and could definitely cause an accident.
  • 4024 Dover Avenue Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Large Pothole beginning to form from previous repair of sinkhole in the roadway.
  • 4100 Park Brooke Dr Alpharetta, GA, 30022, USA - Alpharetta
    At 2:14 PM today I witnessed a dump truck headed down Kimball Bridge Rd hit and damage a storm drain. The storm drain is after you pass Park Brooke Trace, headed toward Buice This is located on the Park Brooke side of the road.
  • Deerfield Parkway And Windward Parkway Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    there is a large pothole on deerfield parkway southbound where the two left turn lanes begin for windward parkway
  • 1650–1652 Mid Broadwell Rd Alpharetta 30004, United States - Alpharetta
    Pothole was fixed and needs repaired again in front of Peyton Farms subdivision.
  • 1706–1722 Mid Broadwell Rd Alpharetta 30004, United States - Alpharetta

    I wanted to make sure that somebody is going to fine the asphalt company that is repaving this subdivision and has wrecked havoc onto Mid Broadwell and Wills Road?

    Yesterday it just seemed to be heading from the subdivision up Mid Broadwell Road on to Wills but now today they obviously turned right and have dropped a crap load of asphalt chunks all the way down Mid Broadwell Road!

    You can follow the tracks from the truck as they have pulled out. You don’t allow this type of mess on our roads do you?

    I tried to find the number for our transportation department on the website so I could call and complain but had no luck. Please fine these truck drivers and the company!

  • 8190 Spence Way Alpharetta, GA - Alpharetta
    Down the street form his home at the mail boxes the road is rutted out and they have a large hole in front of the mail boxes. He would like to see about getting the hole and road fixed.
  • 702 Yasha Court Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Northbound Douglas Rd, right side just north of Huntington Trace.
  • Alpharetta GA - Alpharetta
    Winward Pkwy and Northpoint Pkwy
    Rough Road please repave
    Forsite Cnty
  • 180 Denna Dr Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    A Depression is developing in the center of the road in front of my house. I believe it is directly above both the water supply piping and the sewer.