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  • 255 Dania Dr Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    Multiple nonoperational vehicles and boats parked behind the house on the lawn. The boats have been full of water breeding mosquitos so badly in the neighborhood you can hardly go outside. Further, a construction container has been placed in the drive for weeks and interior remodeling continues without a building permit.
  • 1625 Mayfield Rd Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    rental home used as garage, junk vehicles all in back yard, said vehicles not on parking pad, land fill in drainage ditch. the landfill was primarily stumps and such. now it seems more trash is being introduced. worried about ground seepage and rodents.
  • 115 Laurelwood Ln Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    Yards is not maintained. House is in disrepair. Gutters have fallen off house. Plenty of rotted wood. Lawn has not been cut. It may be deserted.
  • 1672–1686 Rucker Rd Alpharetta 30009, United States - Alpharetta
    URGENT: MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN. Coney has been lying prostrate all day, face-down in the rubble and ignored by passersby. HELP HIM! Is this how we treat our heroes?
  • 205 Hidden Meadow Dr ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA - Alpharetta
    Is it legal for a homeowner to post a professionally designed sign in his yard that says "Slow Down 25 MPH"
  • 32 Old Milton Pkwy Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    Large clear plastic garbage bag on left side of westbound Old Milton Pkwy just before Camden Way.
  • Waters Rd Alpharetta, GA, 30022, USA - Alpharetta
    Danger tree falling into road way on Waters Rd. tree Located north of Waters Glen subdivision on west side of Waters Rd. Thanks
  • 3919-3963 1st St Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    Neighbor cut down trees and contractor left debris and mud on the road. Intersection of Summerfield Dr and Blackwatch. Home located at 215 Summerfield Dr.
  • 1150 Timberline Place Alpharetta, GA 30005, United States of America - Alpharetta

    A portion of Timberline is starting to dip just above Tamarack Way. According to the County Water Authority, there is a large leak in the supply line to 1150 Timberline that the homeowners have not repaired. The leak is following the lines under the road then coming up in front of someone else's driveway. Until the road collapses and is impassible they can't do anything to repair the line. The county has been there at least 4 times so the homeowner is very aware of it but hasn't made repairs. Since it's past the meter the county can't fix it.

    This is a safety issue for the neighborhood. If the road collapses, people can be hurt and the expense will be great. Our school buses go down that street. If the Water Authority cannot prevent it by shutting off the water, then I am asking Alpharetta Public Safety to step in and help. We cannot wait for the road to collapse before this long term leak is fixed.

  • 2085 Park Glenn Dr Alpharetta 30005 United States - Alpharetta
    For years there has been discussions with you, the City of Alpharetta, over the grading of the road that leads directly to our home and I can finally say that our partially-finished basement has flooded and our new flooring ruined. Success! Why have you not done anything to prevent this? I have a double lip on my driveway apron, French drains, and sandbags to help with the excessive water flow that races downhill and enters my yard and driveway prior to making its way to the improperly placed storm drain. All you’ve done is survey the slope and say it’s adequate to handle the runoff. Insurance will not cover damage from runoff. Now, I’m stuck with the bill for remediation, repair and rebuild. Maybe you can come out again and take another survey. This could have been prevented.
  • 370 Tumbling Creek Dr Alpharetta, GA, 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    Sidewalk was repaired about a year ago but has started crumbling
  • 1306 Executive Drive Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Unleashed dogs came from The Pointe at Preston Ridge and attacked people in the Greenway path near the condo. I would suggest a kind of fence between the condo and Greenway or a notification to the complex office.