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  • 3919-3963 1st St Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    Neighbor cut down trees and contractor left debris and mud on the road. Intersection of Summerfield Dr and Blackwatch. Home located at 215 Summerfield Dr.
  • 21 N Main St Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    Dead cat at the driveway exiting the bank's drive through
  • 2850 Lakewind Ct Alpharetta, GA, 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    There is broken glass in the cul-de-sac at the end of Lakewind Court. I picked up much of the larger pieces, but small pieces remain on the ground. I watched the glass recycling dump truck from Republic Services this morning compacting the glass inside their back end as they turned around in the cul-de-sac. Glass spilled out on to the pavement.
  • 2085 Park Glenn Dr Alpharetta 30005 United States - Alpharetta
    For years there has been discussions with you, the City of Alpharetta, over the grading of the road that leads directly to our home and I can finally say that our partially-finished basement has flooded and our new flooring ruined. Success! Why have you not done anything to prevent this? I have a double lip on my driveway apron, French drains, and sandbags to help with the excessive water flow that races downhill and enters my yard and driveway prior to making its way to the improperly placed storm drain. All you’ve done is survey the slope and say it’s adequate to handle the runoff. Insurance will not cover damage from runoff. Now, I’m stuck with the bill for remediation, repair and rebuild. Maybe you can come out again and take another survey. This could have been prevented.
  • 1306 Executive Drive Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    Unleashed dogs came from The Pointe at Preston Ridge and attacked people in the Greenway path near the condo. I would suggest a kind of fence between the condo and Greenway or a notification to the complex office.
  • 1070 Arborhill Lane Alpharetta Ga - Alpharetta
    Rotted tree
  • 3569-3639 Preston Ridge Rd Alpharetta, GA, 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    Water spilling onto Greenway from YMCA pool pump room. Constantly wet in this area.
  • Ga-400 N Alpharetta, GA, 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    We love cycling and walking the Greenway but it seems a lot of road bikers are using it for training and not respecting the speed limit. Lots of folks walk, run and cycle and many with headphones so they can’t hear anyone over taking but speeding road bikes are a particular problem. This is a community trail and unannounced, speeding cyclist need to be more courteous. We always announce our arrival ‘on your left’ but riders who are using the trail for training need to find another venue. Too many kids, dogs on and off leash, headphones to be speeding along. It’s becoming too dangerous. We understand that cycling on city streets is a death warrant
    but courtesy needs to be enforced on the Greenway for all users! Thanks for any help with this!
  • Encore Pkwy Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    The knotfest headbanger concert at Ameris bank amphitheater last night gave us a massive headache, the throbbing noise went on till 11 pm until i called cops
    this is a week night and surrounded by residential properties
    can city help us ?
  • 2 S Main St Alpharetta, GA, 30009, USA - Alpharetta
    New restaurant tavern opened up on the Alpharetta square. Blasting music over speakers at 12:02 AM on a Thursday night. Even with my own "white noise" music playing in my room, I can't escape the bass.
  • Golf Club Of Georgia 1 Golf Club Dr, Alpharetta, GA, 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    Golf course begins to mow grass and use the blower prior to six AM. This is quite annoying to those homes, like mine, who live on the course. Can you please address this?
  • 2455 Cogburn Ridge Rd Alpharetta, GA, 30004, USA - Alpharetta
    A few months ago, we started hearing a lot of banging going on at the business on the opposite side of our backyard fence. We know there are various business locations over there, so thought it might be construction. Now, we hear banging constantly as well as forklift/truck back-up noises that go on throughout the entire day and are very audible in our bedroom, which interfere with our sleep (and sanity). They often go past 10pm every night and can start as early as 6am in the morning. We cannot relax in our house because of constant noise coming from the business behind us, and only started when a new tenant moved in (so we know the construction is done). What can we do to try and get our home a safe space again? How do we handle a noise issue with a business? We just feel trapped.