Patton Township PLUS

Patton Township

Open Issues: 1 Closed Issues: 205 Acknowledged Issues: 7
  • Tall Grass & WeedsAcknowledged
    113 Victory Blvd. State College PA - Patton Township
    The area uncared for and overgrown belongs to Pinnacle Corp. Left uncut, the high grass and weeds provides shelter for unwanted rodents to enter a highly inhabited area and permits weeds and ticks to invest the developed properties.
  • Toftrees Ave State College 16803, United States - Patton Township
    Tall grass, weeds, and thick dried mud on sidewalk at this house at corner of Deans Way and Toftrees Ave is getting very bad.
  • Traffic Sign IssueAcknowledged
    1173 Grays Woods Boulevard Port Matilda, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    Traffic sign was hit and is knocked down
  • Obstructed ViewAcknowledged
    339 Oakley Dr State College, PA 16803, USA - Park Forest Village
    Cannot safely see if opposing traffic is approaching coming up the hill on Canterbury. Oncoming traffic is completely obscured by the curvature of the pavement. Near misses have occurred. Suggest that a four-way stop be considered.
  • Obstructed ViewAcknowledged
    908-1076 Ghaner Road Port Matilda, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    White Tractor Trailer parked partially on the roadway. This appears to occur only on weekends when driver is not on the road. Vehicle is clearly parking partially in the travel lane just below Grayswoods intersection. Vehicle has moved as of this morning 2/26.
  • SidewalkAcknowledged
    109 Bolton Avenue State College, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    Bike path street light is out
  • potholeAcknowledged
    468 Candlewood Drive State College, Pennsylvania - Park Forest Village
    Hello, you fixed some potholes at the foot of our driveway two years ago. Unfortunately, a new one has opened this winter. Thank you for your time and attention.
  • 1116 Meeks Lane Port Matilda, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    Many potholes on this section of Meeks road.