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Patton Township

Open Issues: 10 Closed Issues: 207 Acknowledged Issues: 7
  • Tall Grass & WeedsAcknowledged
    113 Victory Blvd. State College PA - Patton Township
    The area uncared for and overgrown belongs to Pinnacle Corp. Left uncut, the high grass and weeds provides shelter for unwanted rodents to enter a highly inhabited area and permits weeds and ticks to invest the developed properties.
  • Toftrees Ave State College 16803, United States - Patton Township
    Tall grass, weeds, and thick dried mud on sidewalk at this house at corner of Deans Way and Toftrees Ave is getting very bad.
  • 854 Cricklewood state college, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    As happens every year, tall weeds crowd out pedestrians from using the sidewalk on this short, but very dangerous section of Cricklewood Dr. This issue has been reported several times in past years. Why does the Township allow this condition to continue to occur each year?
  • 955 Toftrees Ave State College, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    Mud, gravel and stones on Toftrees Ave at the Poole Anderson construction site. Has been a constant problem but worse now. It's dangerous, harmful to other other drivers, and unsightly. Some of the dump trucks causing this problem are driving way too fast in this stretch of the roadway.
  • 457 Timberton Circle Bellefonte, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    A chunk of concrete has broken off at the top of the island at the entrance to Timberton Estates.
  • Traffic Sign IssueAcknowledged
    1173 Grays Woods Boulevard Port Matilda, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    Traffic sign was hit and is knocked down
  • Obstructed ViewAcknowledged
    339 Oakley Dr State College, PA 16803, USA - Park Forest Village
    Cannot safely see if opposing traffic is approaching coming up the hill on Canterbury. Oncoming traffic is completely obscured by the curvature of the pavement. Near misses have occurred. Suggest that a four-way stop be considered.
  • Obstructed ViewAcknowledged
    908-1076 Ghaner Road Port Matilda, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    White Tractor Trailer parked partially on the roadway. This appears to occur only on weekends when driver is not on the road. Vehicle is clearly parking partially in the travel lane just below Grayswoods intersection. Vehicle has moved as of this morning 2/26.
  • SidewalkAcknowledged
    109 Bolton Avenue State College, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    Bike path street light is out
  • 930 Cricklewood Drive State College, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    Several trees at the Cricklewood Garden Apartments, across from the American Ale House, have low-hanging branches over the sidewalk along the street. They make walking difficult and when the branches and leaves are wet, pedestrians have to go out in the street or walk on the slippery hillside grass.
  • 603 Scotia Road Port Matilda, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    Forgot to report this morning, but there was a tree that fell over on the power line. Not sure if it was taken care of yet.
  • 603 Scotia Road Port Matilda, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    A tree fell on Scotia Road near Meeks Lane. The tree is leaning against the overhead utility cables, creating a dangerous situation. The tree needs to be removed as soon as possible.