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Patton Township

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  • Tall Grass & WeedsAcknowledged
    113 Victory Blvd State College PA 16803, United States - Patton Township
    S&A needs to keep their empty lots cut.
  • Debris on RoadwayAcknowledged
    131–141 E Clearview Ave State College PA 16803, United States - Patton Township
    Township put gravel here in spring but cars drive over it and push gravel into roadway. All gravel needs removed.
  • Obstructed ViewAcknowledged
    339 Oakley Dr State College, PA 16803, USA - Park Forest Village
    Cannot safely see if opposing traffic is approaching coming up the hill on Canterbury. Oncoming traffic is completely obscured by the curvature of the pavement. Near misses have occurred. Suggest that a four-way stop be considered.
  • 930 Cricklewood Drive State College, Pennsylvania - Patton Township
    Several trees at the Cricklewood Garden Apartments, across from the American Ale House, have low-hanging branches over the sidewalk along the street. They make walking difficult and when the branches and leaves are wet, pedestrians have to go out in the street or walk on the slippery hillside grass.
  • SidewalkAcknowledged
    661 Devonshire Dr State College, PA, 16803, USA - Park Forest Village
    I was walking my dog the other day and he stepped in a hole right next to the sidewalk, on the townships side, and I thought he had broken his leg! He did heal with just a sore leg. This hole needs to be addressed before a child or animal does break a leg! It is big enough for a small animal to live in! (Rabbit or Woodchuck)
  • SidewalkAcknowledged
    808 Cricklewood Dr State College 16803, United States - Patton Township
    Tree has been completely leaning over the sidewalk for at least a year. Pedestrians must walk in the street or through the steep “lawn” to get past it.
  • Hazardous TreeAcknowledged
    218 Oakley Dr State College, PA, 16803, USA - Park Forest Village
    We had a tree fall on our home on October 31, 2019 that resides on the Patton Township owned easement between my property and my neighbors property. There are several other trees on that easement than present a danger to my house and family members. One in particular that is immediately next to the tree that fell appears to have similar root rot (confirmed by the tree service) that I would like to have the township evaluate for safety and remove as needed to prevent harm to my house or my family members in the future.
  • Hazardous TreeAcknowledged
    1940 N Oak Ln Patton Twp, PA, 16803, USA - Park Forest Village
    There are 4-5 dead chestnut oak trees on the property of 1940 North Oak Lane. They have been dead for several years. Two of the trees are adjacent to the sidewalk, and there are several partially broken branches hanging above the sidewalk. Something should be done before someone gets injured by a falling branch.
  • Hazardous TreeAcknowledged
    1940 N Oak Ln State College, PA, 16803, USA - Park Forest Village
    I noticed these trees too. The trunks of the trees are partially surrounded by the sidewalk on Asper Lane. There were a bunch of large branches that fell during recent rains, but the trees are still there and still a risk to the public, especially the elementary children who walk under those trees every day on the way to the school bus stop.
  • DrainageAcknowledged
    Timberton Cir Patton Twp, PA, 16823, USA - Patton Township
    Water is not properly draining down along side Timberton Circle on the right side as you enter Timberton Estates. This is causing part of the road to wash away.