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  • 42 Englewood Ave. Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    resident said tree has to be cut down because it is lifting the sidewalk. Would like someone to take a look at it.
  • 260 Elm Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    In the process of installing new sidewalks on Abbott Ave and Elm Street parts of the lawns were dug up. Would like to have these areas fixed with seed or whatever.
  • Sidewalk ProblemsAcknowledged
    114 Bradford Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Walking with my daughter today there are many sidewalks blocked by overgrown bushes. So overgrown that you cannot walk between them and the trees. This is just one example.
  • Union St Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    The sidewalk along the length of Union st are in horrible condition. Besides that the sidewalks are filthy, they are falling apart as well. I was wondering does the city have any plans to change them with new ones and repairing Union st as well/ what I feel is long time overdue/. Thanks!
  • Sidewalk ProblemsAcknowledged
    Washington St Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    So it is now May 2015..... in June of 2014 was told this street is on the list to be repaired. When is this going to happen. Street & sidewalks now worse than last year !!! All the streets surrounding us have been redone (Belmont,Cedar & Bradford) it is our turn !!!
  • Side walk liftedAcknowledged
    47 Chatham Rd Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    It had been brought to my attention from a senior citizen that the sidewalk here is dangerous roger and other elderly people. I contacted the mayors office a few years ago and nothing was done to fix the problem. I have attached some pictures
  • 24-98 Dowse St Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
  • Sidewalk ProblemsAcknowledged
    16 And 17 Calhoun Ave. Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    resident thought this was called in a year ago. The sidewalk in front of his house is lifting and his neighbors sidewalk across the street is raised about 6 inches from the tree to his retaining wall. He said these areas are safety hazards to the residents and to the children walking on them. He would like these looked at.
  • Sidewalk ProblemsAcknowledged
    20 Cabot Street Everett, MA 02149, USA - Everett
    Cracks on sidewalk
  • 556 Ferry Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Everett transmission has mutiple cars blocking the sidewalk and my 8 year old son had to ride his bicycle into a busy ferry street to go around them
  • 4 Gilmore St Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
  • 46 Liberty Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Please send someone to clean the weed on sidewalk from 46 Liberty to 90 Liberty st. Thank you very much