Everett, MA PLUS

Open Issues: 149 Closed Issues: 1,593 Acknowledged Issues: 54
  • 4 Gilmore Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Sidewalk needs to be redone. See pics attached.
  • 7 Liberty Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    The weed is overgrowth on the sidewalk of Liberty Street. Please send someone to clean it. Thank you
  • 39 Liberty Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Please fix this sidewalk.
  • 30 Hoyt Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Resident said there is a large hole in front of their house and it fills up with water. would like it repaired before the bad weather.
  • 70 Jefferson Ave Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Sidewalk issue that needs to be addressed by Rick
  • 2 Winter Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    We need Winter Street plowed. Cars are getting stuck trying to get out onto Chelsea.
  • 5 Davis Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Davis St hasn't been plowed yet, there families and the elderly on this street
  • 5 Davis Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Davis street hasn't been plowed all day, cars aren't able to get in or out. there are small children and the elderly living in this street as well as two of my neighbors that needs medical services
  • 171 Union Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    The storm drain in question is at the side of 171 Union Street. It is in the center of my driveway. After snow melted, it revealed major cracks surrounding the drain. It is very concerning as this suggest the whole sidewalk and part of the road surrounding the drain could collapse any day. The drain sagged by a few inches, and actions need to be taken to tackle this issue before disaster hit.
  • drain problemAcknowledged
    134 Nichols Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Each rainy day is a big problem. Right in front of my house, a pocket of water is stored there. Every car passing by throws dirty water from that pocket over my house, over my car, over whoever standing outside. This morning it was a big issue between my son and a car throwing water over him while he was going to his car. I am sick and tired of complaining, nothing has been done. Please tell me what next step I should take to resolve the problem. Thank you.
  • Caving inAcknowledged
    Everett Police Station Parking Lot Everett, MA - Everett
    The storm drain is starting to cave in close to the entrance to the rec center
  • Liberty St Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    The water is over the sidewalk during today is raining. The water can not go through because of there are too much trash blocking the drain. Please someone can check the drain in front of 62 Liberty Street house.