Everett, MA PLUS

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  • 18 Moody Avenue Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    plows and snow removal equipment have knocked down city fence at bottom of Moody ave.
  • 4 Valley Street everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    The school bus that comes to this house lays on the horn at 6:45 EVERY DAY! this is a nuisance to the neighbors who are just waking up or have babies who are sleeping.
  • Revere Beach Parkway Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Maybe a different traffic scheme.
  • Clearnace St Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Clarence st. coming from Dartmouth st. should really be a one way during school hours. The traffic gets backed up because of cars trying to turn left on to Clarence as cars who are coming down Clarence try to drop their kid/kids off at Webster School. When there is no snow it's parking on both sides and it's hard to pull over to let the car pass and now that there is snow it's even harder. Last year I was in an accident when I was trying to pick my preschooler up from school cause of a car coming at me fast and wasn't moving over so I had to quickly move and I hit a car. it really honestly is truly a Nightmare during school hours on Clarence St.
  • Glenwood Cemetery Everett, MA - Everett
    The American flags placed at the headstones of all who served on the weekends before Memorial day have still not been removed, I am constantly picking up flags that are torn and/or laying on the ground. I have called and asked about removal and was told only Woodlawn had a date of removal not Glenwood. Please resolve this issue. I would be happy to donate time for removal if needed.
  • 1 Waters Ave Everett Massachusetts - Everett
    This truck has refrigerator (belonging to the pasta company) has loud engine noise and is left on hours daily sometimes as early as 5:30 or 6 AM and disturbs residents.
  • Chatman Rd Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
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    548 Broadway Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Blue Tarps blowing off the building AGAIN!!! This is an easy thing to fix. Please send someone to remove all the tarps on the roof and this issue will go away!
  • Corey Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Someone should repaint the double yellow lines starting on Corey Street - adjacent to the Fire Department. Drivers are using Corey Street as a one way street with cars on both sides of the road heading to Broadway.
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    11 Waters Avenue Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Light Turned off
    Pole Number = 2150 also the pole right after is turned off too
  • Spring St. Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Guard rail was damaged by a snow plow during the winter and still has not been repaired.
  • 254 Ferry St Everett, MA 02149, USA - Everett
    Seriously? I guess they didn't do the job right the first time, but come on! People have to work. Jack hammering and sawing at 11pm is ridiculous. After previous posts to this site, we were promised the noise would stop at a certain hour... it never did! Please... take action, guys!