Everett, MA PLUS

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  • National Grid Substation Everett/Malden Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Contractors at National Grid starting generators at 6 in the morning across from my condo unit
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    384 Broadway Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Intersection at broadway and second is constantly blocked by drivers who run a red light. There needs to be a police presence there during rush hour to prevent the intersection from being blocked which makes traffic congestion worse
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    548 Broadway Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Blue tarps still blowing off the roof of the fitness center. The tarps deteriorate and leave blue strings and pieces of tarp all over the neighborhood. Please send someone to go up on the roof and remove the remaining tarps. This has been an ongoing problem for a few years and it is still happening. Thank you
  • 254 Ferry St Everett, MA 02149, USA - Everett
    Seriously? I guess they didn't do the job right the first time, but come on! People have to work. Jack hammering and sawing at 11pm is ridiculous. After previous posts to this site, we were promised the noise would stop at a certain hour... it never did! Please... take action, guys!
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    12 Valley Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Constant reverberations on and off during the day and night. It sounds like heavy bass sound. It's not my building, but must be from construction or an industrial neighbor nearby. WHAT IS IT? and can it be stopped? It started happening around July and is now going on every day.
  • Spring St. Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Guard rail was damaged by a snow plow during the winter and still has not been repaired.
  • 17 Prospect Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Lawn pickup needs to picked up on Prospect St. City doesn't seem to take it.
  • 548 Broadway Everett, MA - Everett
    Blue tarps were put on the roof to cover some type of units, they deteriorate and shred leaving blue strings and pieces of tarp littering the neighborhood, now there is one whole one hanging off the side of the building and another one that has fallen and is on the sidewalk.
  • 89 Vernal St Everett, MA 02149, USA - Everett
    Too dark lights off
  • 65 Central Ave/ Corner Of Dowse St everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    I'm unsure of what category this would fall under, but overnight someone left several bags of garbage next to the tree on the Dowse Street side of my house. Could you please send someone by to pick them up? Thank you.
  • 3 Linden Place Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Illegally parked car Linden Place Thursday 11/17 10:25pm car has been parked since 4:30pm.This car has been ticketed before.Other cars parked earlier but left.
  • 46 Liberty Street Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Please tell the owner clean it. Thank you