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  • 908 8th St Ne Washington 20002, United States - Capitol Hill
    Vacant property. Back of property is open and accessible.
  • 2203 Channing St Ne Washington, DC 20018, United States of America - Brentwood
    2203 Channing St NE, 20018 is a condemned property with junk vehicles.
  • 1701 M St Ne Washington 20002, United States - Stadium-Armory
    The property has over grown weeds, grass and bushes. It is hard to walk on the side walk on intersection 17 Street NE and M street NE 20002
  • 1528 Ridge Pl Se Washington 20020, United States - Anacostia
    Overgrown weeds
  • 2812 Gainesville St Se Washington 20020, United States - Anacostia
    Grass is high.
  • 913 Hamilton St Nw Washington 20011, United States - Petworth
    Safety inspection in reference to solar panel install
  • 3151 19th St Nw Washington 20010, United States - Mount Pleasant
    Illegal rental with altered basement and unsafe conditions.
  • Junk Motor VehicleAcknowledged
    1726 Independence Ave Se Washington, DC 20003, USA - Stadium-Armory
    Abandoned gold Lexus sedan has been sitting abandoned in the alley bordered by bay st SE, independence ave SE, 17th & 18th st se. All tags have been removed from the car.
  • Junk Motor VehicleAcknowledged
    5207 Jay St Ne Washington, DC 20019, USA - Deanwood
    The Ford pick up belonging to the resident at 5203 Jay Street has been parked in front of 5207 Jay Street for more than 3 weeks in disrepair. There are spare parts inside the vehicle and the owner has made no effort to repair the vehicle. By all accounts it appears to be a junk motor vehicle and needs to be towed.
  • Junk Motor VehicleAcknowledged
    841 Xenia St Se Washington 20032, United States - Anacostia
    This car has been in non working order parked on a public street for four months. No work is being done on the vehicle, as the street is being used as permanent storage. The car has a bent front axel. It is used by vagrants and drug users as a place to sleep at night and is bringing crime to the street due to its use. Please boot/tow vehicle. This has been a well documented case of being repeatedly ignored by the city. If an event happens surrounding this vehicle where someone is injured or worse, it will not be because this issue was not reported multiple times over a period of months to both 311 and the police. The license plate tag is a temporary MD expired as of Early June 2019 #T908557.
  • Junk Motor VehicleAcknowledged
    809-0815 Xenia St Se Washington 20032, United States - Anacostia
    Vehicle has been sitting in this spot for a month and a half and has not moved due to it being in a wrecked state. Car was in an accident that severed the rear axel and has not been fixed. Please enforce parking on this vehicle.
  • TestAcknowledged
    1430 Rhode Island Ave Nw Washington 20005, United States - Logan Circle
    Idling vehicle on Friday evening without driver present. Decibel level is over 80.