Sacramento County - Unincorporated PLUS

Open Issues: 347 Closed Issues: 19,267 Acknowledged Issues: 1,247
  • 5240-5298 Watt Ave North Highlands, CA 95660, USA - North Highlands
    The homeless have set up a cardboard and shopping cart village. It's getting bigger everyday. Trash blowing everywhere. 2 weeks ago, 1 person now it looks like 7-10 people with more trash. This used to be a nice landscaped area off watt ave. They also set up right behind a bus stop!
  • 5357-5399 Diablo Dr Sacramento, CA 95842, USA - Foothill Farms
    A truck with a trailer has been parked there since Monday. It has 2 flat tires.
  • 5201-5225 Watt Ave McClellan Park, CA 95652, USA - North Highlands
    The homeless have made a village of cardboard and trash. Right off of watt ave under the catwalk. The landscape used to look really nice.
  • 5325-5335 Diablo Dr Sacramento, CA 95842, USA - Foothill Farms
    This truck and RV have been parked for 4 days on Diablo. It appears that is occupied by at least one white male and his dog. The truck appears to be non-operable. This is near the intersection of Diablo and Klamath.
  • 5032 Clover Glen Way Sacramento, CA 95824, USA - Parkway-South Sacramento
    Large homeless encampment and daily drug activity every night with bonfires and vermin. Remove ASAP. Public health and sanitation issue.
  • 4272-4332 Jan Dr Carmichael, CA 95608, USA - Carmichael
    8/10/17 Jan Park, 4310 Jan Drive, Carmichael. Suspicious behavior, loitering in the play structure (children's log) by transient adults with bikes & belongings... can't even enjoy the playground with toddlers this morning.
  • 4301 Arden Way Sacramento, California - Arden-Arcade
    Numerous homeless people have been popping up in this shopping center. Its become a problem over the last couple years or so.
  • 3719 46th Avenue Sacramento, California - Parkway-South Sacramento
    There is a homeless woman who continues to camp out on the sidewalk. She attracts drug users and buyers. She collects trash and makes a huge mess. The postman is unable to deliver mail to the boxes because she is blocking the sidewalk. There is a strong odor of urine and alcohol. she is across the street from 3719 46th avenue.
  • 5240-5298 Watt Ave North Highlands, CA 95660, USA - North Highlands
    Homeless people have been camping out around the oleander bushes and leaving all their trash. This is only about 15 ft from my front door on field st.
  • 5014 Baker Ave Sacramento, CA 95820, USA - Colonial Heights
    Homeless making a huge camp on the corner of Stockton Blvd and Backer Ave. also have dogs running around off leash.Smells like human feces and urine.
  • 7100-7198 Governors Cir Sacramento, CA 95823, USA - Parkway-South Sacramento
    Someone has ran into this fence . Plesse fix it.. Homeless keep jumping over.
  • 3021-3031 Fulton Ave Sacramento, CA 95821, USA - Arden-Arcade
    Homeless camping and debris on the property immediately south of Smog Busters on Fulton Ave. Camp and debris is setup between the bushes, and the back flow preventer and hydrant, just a little west of the public sidewalk.