Sacramento County - Unincorporated PLUS

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  • Abandoned vehicleAcknowledged
    6337-6399 32nd Street North Highlands, California - North Highlands
    It looked as if 32nd Street in North Highlands as become the new recreational vehicle dumping grounds... We do need help in this area and the Community Law enforcing agencies definite definitely need to be involved. This has to stop somewhere
  • 5700 Hemlock St Sacramento, CA 95841, USA - Foothill Farms
    Abandoned Ford Mustang sitting for months in street.
  • Abandoned vehicleAcknowledged
    5124 Rambler Way Sacramento, CA 95841, USA - Foothill Farms
    Gold chevy truck parked in street smashed in the front.
  • Abandoned vehicleAcknowledged
    8452 Cook Riolo Rd Antelope, CA 95843, USA - Sacramento County
  • Abandoned vehicleAcknowledged
    2220-2298 Franco Lane Sacramento, California - Arden-Arcade
    In the middle of the night this car appeared and has been left at the corner of Franklin and Moretti ...please check to see if it has been stolen or abandoned. It does have current tags.
  • Abandoned vehicleAcknowledged
    7248 30th St North Highlands, CA 95660, USA - North Highlands
    We wake up almost every day with either garbage dumped down our street or abandoned/homeless motorhomes. This motorhome has been dumped. Each time something like this is dumped, we then have homeless druggy people creeping around . It's just awful. Please please tag this and tow.
  • Abandoned vehicleAcknowledged
    3908 44th Ave Sacramento, CA 95824, USA - Parkway-South Sacramento
  • Abandoned vehicleAcknowledged
    5201-5215 Leader Avenue Sacramento, California - Foothill Farms
    Green Mazda Protege 5RKH100, has been there at least 6 weeks, parts hanging out under front of vehicle
    Weeds growing under vehicle.
  • Abandoned vehicleAcknowledged
    5710 66th Ave Sacramento, CA 95823, USA - Florin
  • Abandoned vehicleAcknowledged
    1200-1299 West Brannan Island Road Isleton, California - Sacramento County
    approximately 20' long class c mh. plate 2ETP218...1987 Ford E-350, Shasta model. Good tires
  • Abandoned vehicleAcknowledged
    3652 Gayle Way North Highlands, CA 95660, USA - North Highlands
    Not moved in weeks
  • 6443 Fair Oaks Blvd Carmichael, California - Carmichael
    This vehicle has been parked here since last Saturday the 24th they're obviously living there they're coming and going as they please this is in the 99 Cent Store parking lot at Fair Oaks and Marconi the 99 Cent Store does not seem to care this is an eyesore can we please get it moved