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  • crossing guardAcknowledged
    9260 Fontainebleau Blvd Miami, Florida - Fountainebleau
  • 60-398 S Shore Dr Miami Beach, FL, 33141, USA - Miami Beach
    Need speed bumps on south shore drive by Fairway park
    Also a safe crossing for children to be able to access the park. Cars are speeding every day, day and night!
  • 132 Ave And Coral Way Miami, Florida - Coral Gables
    Speeding on 132 behind Joe hall
  • 9201 Harding Ave Surfside, FL 33154, USA - Surfside
    Harding and 92 nd speeding and honking since 7 am to 8:30 when students cross the avenue to go to school without a red light - they go walking or in their skates
  • 13301 Sw 53rd St Miami, FL, 33175, USA - Kendale Lakes
    Drivers use 132nd avenue as a speed track and do not follow speed limits. This is extremely concerning and multiple accidents have happened in the area, maybe more police presence is needed to fine drivers and should look into a solution for the near future. This happens at any time of the day or night. Is not right in front of the school, is near by but I am not sure where to report this issue
  • 12080 Hialeah Gardens Blvd Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018, USA - Hialeah Gardens
    school zone and no speed restrictions
  • 9300-9326 Collins Ave Surfside, FL, 33154, USA - Surfside
    hello this is the first time that I fill out this kind of form. but today a driver had a dangerous driving and a threatening attitude. he was driving at full speed.
    he cut me off, burned two fires on Collins. and insulted other drivers.
    what is more is near a school (casa) this driver endangers the drivers and our children.
    thank you
  • 1551 Nw 131st St Miami, FL, 33167, USA - US Congressional District FL17
    I live two blocks from an elementary schools and cars go speeding up and down NW 131 street all day and night. I requested speed bumps to help slow traffic, I was told that 131 street has "too much" traffic to allow speed bump installation. Our street is only two lanes wide and residential, it isnt designed for heavy traffic.
  • 9805 Sw 132nd Ct Miami, FL 33186, USA - The Crossings
    Morning and night speeders are constantly tearing past my neighborhood full of children, killing cats, and showing total disregard for the safety and rights of my neighborhood.
  • 1143-1179 Kane Concourse Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154, USA - Bay Harbor Islands
  • Nw 27th Ave & Nw 87th St Miami, FL, 33147, USA - West Little River
    Speeding is frequent even after installation of school crossings signs I think a traffic calming device will be better
  • 15900 Sw 56th Street Miami, Florida - Miami-Dade County
    Ferguson High School is located on the corner of SW 162nd Avenue and SW 56th Street. Beginning from at least 6:30 a.m. every school day, drivers heading both north and south on SW 162nd Avenue and heading both east and west on SW 56th Street stop in the middle of the street to drop off students. This happens in the left and right lanes of each side of each road. The students then cross in front of cars on the roads, at great risk to their own safety and further stopping traffic. Additionally, private school buses heading east on SW 56th Street position themselves in the left lane and then turn right onto the school property cutting off the east-bound traffic in the right lane putting the student passengers at great risk to their safety and further stopping traffic. After many voicemail messages to the high school, I finally spoke with someone in the administration and he said the school board only provides one resource officer and will not approve him patrolling as early as 6:30 a.m. He did not have any suggestions and asked me for suggestions instead. I provided several suggestions and asked if I could expect to see improvement, but he said he could give no guarantees and did not indicate any action that would be taken other than speaking with the lone resource officer about my suggestions - the officer who could not be there at the time needed to implement them. Miami-Dade police need to regularly patrol the area and issue tickets to offending drivers until the situation is brought under control. The private bus drivers who violate traffic rules and put their passengers at risk should have their special licenses revoked.